The talented artist and musician, KEM, is an inspiration to all as he continues to produce and create music inspired by love with the new single “Lie To Me”. Even while producing music, he intentionally carves out time to use his platform as leader in his Detroit community. Through his Detroit based non-profit, Mack & Third, he seeks the opportunity to invest and provide timely resources to community engagers that advocate for a range of issues that include homelessness, domestic violence, and substance abuse. KEM will not be slowing down on his intentions to make an impact in the community and the world, read more about KEM in this feature article.

Tell me more about what inspired your new single, “Lie To Me”

“Lie To Me” is the first single off of my upcoming Album “Love Always Wins” it was written by myself, Anthony Hamilton, Salaam Remy and James Poyser. The song was inspired by conversations that I had with my wife when we first started dated. We realized that we were both bringing a lot to the table. We had lived a lifetime before we met each other so there was a lot we were bringing to the table; the good, the bad and the ugly and “Lie to Me” is about acknowledging that there was nothing on the table that was going to separate us from the love that we had for each other.

What inspired the timeless R&B album, “Promise to Love”?

All of my albums are inspired by love. There is no greater need in the world, in our communities, in our lives, in our families, no greater hope than the hope of love. So all or most of my music is inspired by love. The promise of love and Promise to Love was in 2014 and my new album “Love Always Wins” will be released August 28, 2020 and is specifically centered on love at this season of my life and I can’t wait for you all to get a hold of that album and I’m really excited about the new music.

Can you share with us the mission and purpose of your non-profit organization, Mack & Third, Inc. ?

Mack & Third is a metro Detroit based non-profit that I started to provide financial resources to individuals and organizations that help people all over the world. The purpose is to put money in the hands of people that are doing good work on the issues; issues ranging from homelessness, domestic violence to substance abuse. But the issues aren’t limited to just those, we give to whatever and whoever I feel we can make a contribution to, that will help them continue to do the good work that they’re doing to change people’s lives.

As an all-around musician and singer-songwriter, what advice would you share with aspiring artists navigating the industry?

My advice to aspiring artists, musicians, singers and songwriters would be to surround yourself with people who know more about the business than you do. Educate yourself on the business while you are creating and honing your craft but, in the process, stay true to yourself.

What advice would you share on how to balance being a businessman, husband and father?

I am a new husband, never been a husband before so this is new territory for me. The biggest things for me are communication, communication and communication! Also, time management. I’m learning how to manage my time in ways I have never had to before. That time management includes making time for myself, the same way I’m making time for the business and my wife, and my children. I’ve learned that I need to take time for myself because I’m not of any benefit to anyone or in any area of my life if I’m not taking care of myself.

What can we expect from you in the future?

My new album “Love Always Wins” is coming out on August 28th, this is my first studio album since 2014 and it’s the most significant, the most soulful, the most meaningful album since my first album “Kemistry”. We have features from Toni Braxton, Erica Campbell, Brian Culberson and it’s really, really dope. The first single was “Lie To Me” and the second single is a duet with the legendary Toni Braxton called “Live Out Your Love” and I can’t wait for people to hear that record. I’m also working on a book with famed author David Ritz of the same title “Love Always Wins” that talks about me. The book talks about my life growing up all the way up until getting into the music business.

Is there any information that you would like to share with us that was not previously asked?

Not really, but I would like to say, for all of you that are fans of KEM, Thank you for your support. I don’t take it for granted. I love you, God bless you, stay safe, stay prayerful, stay mindful, pay attention to what’s going on in and around you and find a way to make room for the people that you love and care about and I will see you on the other side of this whole thing that we’re going through and we will be better and stronger. Lastly, you all can follow me on all social media platforms at @musicbykem. I would love to hear from everyone.

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