Street Smarts to Real Estate Moguls; Redefining Success, One Flip at a Time!


In the booming and competitive world of real estate, where dreams are built upon bricks, Douglas ‘Bricks’ Parson Jr. and Atiya ‘Blondie’ Parson, Ph.D., are rewriting the narrative of success. In pursuit of something greater, the Parsons packed up and moved to “The A,” where they immediately noticed that they were surrounded by others that looked like they did and were making major moves. They knew they were in the right place. At that point, it was time to accomplish what they went there to do! Their journey, from the streets of Indianapolis to transforming lives through the lens of real estate in Georgia, is nothing short of remarkable.

Flipping the Script

In 1999, Douglas Parson Jr. made a crucial decision to leave his past as a street hustler behind and set his sights on family, finances, and the future. Within a year of relocating to Atlanta, he was already making waves in the real estate world, mastering the art of flipping homes. Simultaneously, Atiya, with 25 years of experience in education, was ready for a new chapter in her life.

Together, they merged their worlds to educate people on finding, fixing, and flipping homes. Their relationship, spanning 25 years, is a testament to their ability to balance partnership and business. They have even co-authored a book, “We Nailed It! The Blueprint for Relationships and Real Estate” which is set for release December 19th 2023. The book  shares their secrets on achieving this delicate balance.

From Street to Suite: Celebrity Clients and Multi-Million Dollar Deals

Douglas, known as the ‘Celebrity Realtor,’ boasts an impressive portfolio that includes multi-million-dollar properties and collaborations with A-list clients such as Love & Hip Hop’s Safaree, Sierra Gates, Pinky Cole of Slutty Vegan, Coach K of Quality Control, T.I. and Yung Joc.

“It wasn’t always easy,” they say, emphasizing the dedication and hard work that propelled them to conquer everything on their vision board. Their story is one of commitment and shows how a desire to serve while seeking success, can lead to door opening and evolution for people from all walks of life. “I went from being a hustler on the streets of Indianapolis to my books being sold in Walmart,” Doug says, as he emotionally describes a moment when he walked into the large retail chain and saw his book on the shelves alongside so many other accomplished men and women.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Beyond their personal achievements, Douglas and Atiya are on a mission to inspire young black youth and struggling individuals. They teach the art of flipping homes, helping others secure deals despite high-interest rates. Douglas’s #1 Best Seller, “The Art of Flipping Bricks,” breaks down the process into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

“The Art of Flipping Bricks” – Unveiling Success, One Page at a Time

In an exclusive interview with Douglas ‘Bricks’ Parson Jr., we delve into the key moments that inspired his transition into real estate and the lessons learned from working with celebrities. Additionally, he shares a sneak peek into his bestselling book, unveiling an essential step that has been a game-changer in his career citing one of his most valuable tips being “finding an agent that you can trust and that knows what they are doing and have a closing attorney that you can trust,” says Doug.

Balancing Books and Business: Atiya’s Insightful Journey

Atiya ‘Blondie’ Parson’s transition from a successful career in education to real estate is explored, shedding light on her motivation and the contributions of her educational background to their business success. She shares insights into how she and Douglas balance their personal and professional lives, especially when co-authoring a book on the subject. “I love teaching people that look like me about building a legacy,” she says, “I came from the inner city, and most of what I see is people that look like me and many of them were broken children that grew to be broken adults, so I love teaching what I know to people that look like me.”

Legacy and Future Endeavors

As they continue to build a legacy of success, Douglas and Atiya tease exciting new projects, from upcoming books to ventures on the TV screen. Their journey is a testament to the transformative power of hard work, determination, and the right partnership. “Communication is key for us,” says Atiya, who says that she and Doug have developed tools to communicate with each other when they notice that something must be bothering the other. “Your energy is off,” they said in unison, a signal to agreement the two have clearly made to be mindful of each other’s emotions. The Parson’s story is not just about real estate; it is about turning dreams into reality and inspiring a generation to do the same.

Bricks and Blondie’s Hot Tips: Learn about assumable loans! This can be a game changer in a challenging market, says the Parsons. They also stress the importance of having a great team of knowledgeable people to learn from as you navigate the world of real estate investing. “Also, we have to read more,” says Atiya, “We exercise to keep our bodies in shape so we should be reading more to keep our minds in shape as well.”

“We Nailed It! The Blueprint for Relationships and Real Estate” is set for release December 19th 2023 wherever books are sold.

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Photo Credits: Moses J. Brown