We take a deeper look into the conversation of colorism and why being
yourself in this conversation is so important.

According to a very, colorism is defined as the practice of showing preference of people of the same race or ethnic background.

“Colorism” or being “color struck” dates back to slavery when light-skinned individuals were treated favorably than dark-skinned individuals. This led to discriminatory practices such as the paper bag test where an individual’s skin tone was compared to the color of a brown paper bag. If the individual’s skin tone was darker than a brown paper bag, they would not be hired or become apart of certain social circles or organizations. The comb test banned Blacks whose skin tones were too dark to see the blue veins on their arms. Needless to say, colorism continues to be an issue in Black America today.

I spoke with six individuals who shared their experiences with colorism being truly naked and transparent.

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