Have you ever seen something breathtaking that words couldn’t explain? Well Artist Tyler Clark, founder of Inspire by Tyler, is a Christian 3D hair artist that creates mind blowing art that’s innovative and visionary. While attending Spelman College and Georgia Tech, studying Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering respectively, Tyler has always kept her love for art nearby. She utilizes her God given talents and uses her platform to share her creativity, faith and black excellence. Tyler’s paintings have mixed media elements such as fabric, jewelry and hair, these are the main factors that set her artwork apart. Many of these pieces have been virally shared around the world. Tyler created artwork for Taraji P Henson, Chance the Rapper, Issa Rae, Quavo from the Migos. Tyler had the privilege to have an art piece auctioned in the Wearable Art Basel in Miami among top artist in the country. There’s no slowing down for Tyler; her art has graced the eyes of so many. As admirers, we often wonder what is behind creatives’ work like Tyler’s. Well, Tyler’s mission is to use her art to inspire others through her journey, promoting faith, self-love and women’s empowerment. We here at Sheen got a chance to catch up with the artist here’s what she shared in this exclusive.

How did you discover art/drawing was something you wanted to do?

I realized I wanted to be an artist when my friends would come over and want to buy my art. At that time, I created art because it was therapeutic for me.

photo by Leah Dixon

Who inspires you in the industry of art and how they impacted you in your career?

I have 2 art mentors that have truly helped me grow as an artist, Dana Todd Pope and Minnie Watkins. They helped me reach greater heights in my art. From spending time teaching me new techniques to inspiring me to keep pushing forward. I am truly thankful for their support and encouragement along my art journey.

What else you can see yourself doing outside of painting?

I really want to do more in the space of motivational speaking. I love art and it is a way for me to communicate my experiences and share my life lessons with others.

photo by Leah Dixon

Where do you gather some of your inspiration from when preparing for a painting?

I get a ton of inspiration from Instagram. I try to pick images that speak to me and showcase the beauty of black women, from skin complexion to hair textures.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your career so far?

I quit my corporate job in the middle of a pandemic to pursue art full time. This has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. I am truly thankful for God’s grace and favor as I pursue full time artistry.

What advice would you give to someone who likes to pursue a career in art?

Oftentimes creatives struggle because we focus too much on how others perceive our work. I like to encourage artists to create and find their own voice. I had a coworker once who felt that adding hair to my art was unsanitary. This comment almost kept me from creating my hair art. I stopped for a while because I felt ashamed. One day I decided to cancel out that voice and try again. This was the first time one of my paintings went viral! We all have a God given gift and vision, we need to embrace it and not be so focused on all these external opinions from others.

What can we look forward to seeing from you? Are you working on any new projects?

I am always working on new paintings. My goal is to create more art with hair added for new and existing collectors. Text TYLER to 28398 to be first to know about new art releases! Please check out my website and use promo code ‘SHEEN’ for 15% off.

Featured Image by Kamiah Dabney