Often, we view self-care as a chore—it’s simply another part of life we’re told to prioritize but wonder where we’ll find the time or motivation. A key reason why people may skip self-care is because of confusion about what exactly it entails. Is it buying a bullet journal and fancy colored pens and feeling pressured to write something down? Is it taking a bath, and as soon as you’re in the tub wondering, “what now?”

 Self-care can include these activities, but it’s more about being intuitive about your selfhood than following a list of trendy practices. Taking care of yourself to live a positive, healthy life comes down to nourishing three impactful areas of wellness: your mind, body, and soul. Breaking down these sections will provide you with clarity about why each element is important and how you can feed yourself in these ways. Let’s dive in!

Nourish Your Mind

Feeding your mind is of the utmost importance because of the link between your mind and every other part of your being. Your brain is you: how you think, what you feel, and how you conduct yourself is what makes you, you. Consider how many different thoughts you have each day or even every hour. Now add to that number the range of emotions you cycle through and every action or movement you make in response.

If you realize that the number is high, you’re right: your brain can conduct up to 70,000 thoughts daily with an estimated capacity to carry 100 billion operations each second! With this, it’s easy to understand that brains need lots of nourishment for you to be your best.

Engage in Writing and Journaling With Help From The Word Counter

Your mind needs to be kept active so it can stay strong and healthy. You can think of your brain like you would any other muscle in your body: if you stop using and training it, it will grow weak. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology has allowed us to view how the active parts of the brain light up and receive blood flowing to them when we work our brains, such as with problem-solving, reasoning, or deep concentration. When you focus on a task, your brain enjoys the activity and is kept fit, just like when you work your muscles at the gym.

One method to keep your mind healthy and active is writing. Although many people avoid writing because they fear they aren’t good at it, writing has superior advantages, from decreasing stress by journaling your thoughts or worries (also a way to nourish your soul!), to boosting your memory by recalling past events, to sheer personal enjoyment. If you get stumped when writing or don’t know where to begin, using a helpful tool like The Word Counter’s random word generator can get your creative juices flowing by providing new words for you to incorporate into your sentences.

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Taking care of your mind involves creating a state of peace. Although life is never without its challenges, feelings of stress and anxiety can harm your mental and physical health. Frequent and continued feelings of stress lead to poor decision-making, restlessness and bad sleep, mental and emotional distance from loved ones, trouble concentrating, and reckless behavior. These side effects of stress can cause damage in your work life, but even more so in your social life, leading to isolation. When you pull away from your community of support, stress will only continue.

Taking medicinal CBD is one way to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress in your life. The calming and centering effect of CBD products can help people take time to simply breathe through their feelings and relax. CBD oils, topicals, gummies, and creams from a trusted seller like Blue Forest Farms may be the next step in helping you reduce the everyday stress of life.

Nourish Your Body

When you think about health, you likely create a mental picture focusing on your body, with themes of nutritious eating, exercise, and staying physically healthy. Although there are more aspects of well-being than physical, supporting your body is an important part of caring for yourself if you want to feel your best! Nourishing your body refers to both intake and activity; consuming the right ingredients is a prime aspect of bodily nourishment, but so is how you move and use your body.

For example, eating a wholesome diet that leaves room for balance is an example of healthy intake, while getting enough sleep each night is an example of healthy activity. Both acts are equally important for your overall physical wellness.

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It’s likely no surprise to you that engaging in regular physical activity does wonders for your physical health, but it goes even further than that. Moving your body can also be a preventative measure. Everyone’s bodies have different levels of required movement depending on a number of factors like energy levels, chronic conditions, able-bodiedness, and age.

Yet, the fact remains that daily activity improves health to such a degree that a sedentary life can have damaging effects on one’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. When you engage in movement—to whatever degree it looks like for your unique self—you help prevent future diseases and reduce the impact of your current health struggles.

You don’t have to be a marathon runner or Olympic athlete to experience the benefits of movement. Even making tiny life choices like walking while you make a phone call or manually vacuuming the room instead of firing up the Roomba can make a difference in the amount of daily movement you get. Whether you want to challenge yourself with an athletic endeavor or engage in light movement, Orgain’s organic protein powder will help fuel your body with the protein you need to feel energized and restored before, during, and after.

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The saying is true: when you feel good about yourself, you glow differently. That luminosity you exhibit when you feel like you’re showing up as your best self can actually come from inside. Research shows that feelings of confidence and self-acceptance lead to happiness, and happiness in one area of life often creates a widespread effect of wanting to care for yourself in other positive ways.

With the recent popularity of wellness-related products has come a mindset shift where personal growth (in any area of life) is prized and sought after. If you want to hop on the bandwagon and experience the glow of self-care, it’s time to embrace whatever change you’ve been dreaming about. Fortunately, with wellness products, you can find trusted information online to ease your mind about starting a new venture, such as the Editorialist’s Nutrafol reviews about the popular hair growth supplements.

Stay in Touch With Your Health, With Help From Allara


It’s crucial to stay informed about how your body functions to maintain peak wellness, including being aware of your family’s health history in case of genetic concerns. While this seems intuitive, studies have shown that approximately 40% of Americans have avoided completing recommended medical testing—a concerning number of people lack awareness of their family’s medical history. Common illnesses and disorders that could be reduced or prevented are left untreated for far too long, if not indefinitely.

You can stay up to date on your health by scheduling regular exams and appointments and treating any health concerns as they arise. Working with a dedicated care team couldn’t be easier these days with the option of virtual care, such as Allara’s online PCOS dietitian team. They’ll provide you with an all-in-one virtual care team, so you no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to maintain your health.

Nourish Your Soul

Although you probably have a grasp on what it means to nourish your mind and body, sometimes the concept of feeding the soul is new and unfamiliar terminology. You can think of caring for your soul like caring for your sense of self: it includes knowing yourself (your worldview, beliefs, goals, and dreams), loving yourself and others, promoting peace and kindness, and any other practice that aims to make you (and the world around you) the best possible version.

Feeding the soul can involve the past, present, or future, such as working to heal past trauma, loving yourself the way you need right now, or setting future goals. Think of it like filling your proverbial tank: the fuller you are, the more you have to give to other causes or people you care about.

Focus on Positivity

Since your brain can have up to 70,000 thoughts per day, it’s no surprise that an astounding number of those are taken up by negative thoughts. Considering that you are what you dwell on, you can either choose to be a positive, optimistic person who makes the best of hard situations, or you can be someone who is knocked down by the inevitable trials of life.

The most powerful aspect of positivity is the way that it can be habit-forming—the more you train your brain to think positively, the more it will become instinctive, and the better you’ll be at withstanding hardship. Over time, a situation that might have had a negative domino effect in the past won’t even cause you to stumble.

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Part of nourishing your soul is giving yourself time to restore and renew your sense of self. Life is busy and often chaotic, but when we’re constantly in go-mode, we can experience burnout, which leads to a loss of motivation. Self-care is largely about balance, so for all the time you spend chasing your dreams and working hard, you also need to take time to unwind and recenter.

Try to actually schedule time on your calendar to ensure you make space for rest and relaxation. Activities like a beach day where you lounge on pool floats from FUNBOY or a picnic with tasty snacks can be incredibly nourishing for the soul.

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Because feeding your soul is largely about caring for your sense of self and personhood, expressing yourself is important to ensure you feel nourished. People continue to change as they grow and adapt to life’s situations. Although many view this as a prime way that life is hard, change is good because stagnancy can lead to a lack of motivation.

But your soul can be underfed if any part of you isn’t aligned with your most current self; this can include any element of yourself, like feeling as though your outward appearance doesn’t align with your inner being. Don’t underestimate the power of having a strong sense of style; this is one way many people engage in self-discovery. As you look inward to determine how you want to express yourself, Into the AM’s cool t-shirts for men are a great place to start. With fun graphic tees featuring designs like nature scenes, space, and animals, you will surely find a way to tap into your personality.

Caring for Yourself: Mind, Body, and Soul

Health is about far more than just eating right and washing your hands, but it doesn’t have to be complex. Promoting your overall wellness means taking a closer look at how you can care for yourself in each key area: your mental well-being, physical health, and spiritual nourishment. Our above suggestions will go a long way in making you feel your best, but you’ll likely come up with many more ideas for how to care for yourself as you progress in your journey. Cheers to this new chapter of finding the joys of self-care!