Mikhail Roosevelt Keize, affectionally known as Mikhail Keize wowed viewers in season 2 of BET’s First Wives Club with his character Nigel. The character was symoblic of Jill Scott’s second chance at love with a much younger man hailing from Jamaica. While Keize’s accent was spot on, he’s not from the islands. The Bronx native currently resides in Atlanta. Another thing we learned about Hollywood’s newcomer, was the immense depth of his spirit, intellect, and of course the depth of his dimples when he smiles… As Keize ends his season of the show, we wanted to learn more about the man who has been on record saying, “Arrive as a king, leave as a legend.” And further, just what kind of woman he’d be interested in and sharing his throne with.

In general, what led you to acting?

Honestly, I always had a passion for acting, just with how I act daily. I had a friend who told me that I have a lot of characteristics that scream for acting, so I tried it out. Before you know it, I fell in love. I felt the most free whenever I expressed myself, which led me to pursue it full-time.

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