In a world of her own filled with all things sugar, spice, and everything nice, designer Tierra Gray implements the importance of bringing awareness towards mental health through her designs. Having the love for art all her life, Gray presents all things colorful in a world that mostly has seen its darkest days starting with her line Planet Suga Kush that was created for people of all ages, gender, and its originality. 

How did you begin as an artist?

That can be an interesting question to me because I’ve always believed that artists, we’re anointed at birth with God given talent. Art is one of the purest forms of self-expression so I’ve felt like an artist for as long as I can remember. Being that I grew up with a natural passion for creating and sewing I often upcycled items I bought from the thrift store as a kid. From my perspective, I’ve always been an artist and put my heart in my creations. It wasn’t until I received recognition from famous celebrities wearing my work that my creativity gained the respect it deserved.

What did you want to bring to the fashion industry that would be considered unique?

My goal is to highlight mental health awareness through fashion. My products are all original ideas that are inspired from my love for mini stuffed animals. I feel like a lot of products in the fashion industry are very trend based or aim to conform to a traditional style of fashion. I like to create out of the box clothing that is reflective of people confidently wearing styles that are outside the norm.

Would you say that your creations are considered an aesthetic?

At first glance, it’s not difficult to notice that I incorporate bright vibrant colors and my work has a vibe reminiscent of childhood/youthfulness. The aesthetic is meant to inspire a pure form of joy. One of an innocent young child. However, my products are all created to be universal and worn by anyone regardless of gender or age.

When you first began creating pieces, did you know your work would take off like it did?

At first, I was creating with absolutely no expectations. It was initially a healthy outlet I used to express myself and help battle my depression. I began sharing my creations on my Instagram and they began getting traction. It was after I had a few different products under my belt and enough people inquiring about purchasing that I decided to create a store online.

How did you feel when you saw your work getting the recognition it deserved?

It gave me anxiety. I was excited but also a bit overwhelmed with how I was going to go about fulfilling all my orders. Overall, I was very grateful and filled with joy.

Has that same feeling kept you motivated to continue with your art?

Yes, that feeling can be a source of motivation for me. However, I realize that there can be a lot of negativity that comes with taking a chance on your creative passion whether it be from random people or those close to you. That also tends to fuel my motivation to constantly push out new ideas/creations.

What about your household name made you decide on choosing it?

Sugar has always been a profound part of my life. I put sugar on most of my food growing up and the just the overall aesthetic attached to sugar/sweets is something that is reflected in my work. Like sugar, my products bring a sense of satisfaction and are made in good taste. So that’s how I came up with the name Suga Kush and I added the Planet because I plan to create multiple types of products that will all tie back to my personal brand.

Overall, what is next for Planet Suga Kush? Any latest projects?

Yes, there is always something new going on in Planet Suga Kush. Almost every couple weeks I release a new product or creation for my supporters to enjoy. Recently we began posting videos to the Planet Suga Kush YouTube Channel to give our community an insight on how I create some of my products and other related stories about my experiences growing my business.

What message do you relay to yourself to keep going forward?

Stay positive, set attainable goals, have faith in the process, and ultimately work hard.