Blumhouse has kept us on the edge of our seats many, many times with their collection of horror and thriller films. They have done so once again with this new project but this time instead of bringing us all-out horror, they gave us a new spin on suspense with one of their latest creations. The Lie starring three powerful actors, Joey King (Kissing Booth) as Kayla and Peter Sarsgaard and Mireille Enos as her parents Jay and Rebecca is one in a collection presented at the perfect time of year.

The movie, an Amazon Prime original, begins with Kayla and her dad heading to Kayla’s ballet camp retreat when they see her friend, Brittany, waiting for a bus in the cold. Kayla and Jay pick up Brittany, who immediately needs to stop to use the bathroom. Jay pulls over and the two girls go into the woods nearby. All of a sudden, Jay hears a scream which turns out to be coming from Kayla. Jay rushes to find Kayla standing there alone saying that she had just pushed Brittany into the stream of freezing cold water! Immediately, Jay goes into protective parent mode and he and Kayla rush to her mother, Rebecca’s house, and it is there that terrible and poorly thought out plan ensues.

Saarsgard explains “the thing that was the real drive of the whole movie was that the parents felt that their child could be someone who was so troubled that they would do something really awful because of their own parenting.”

As the movie progresses and what seemed to be a great idea begins to fall apart, Kayla seems to be unraveling, although, at times seeming to be completely unbothered by what had happened. This leaves her parents not only confused, but worried about the mental state of their daughter. Could she really be so callous about possibly killing her own friend?

Soon, Brittney’s father shows up and he’s concerned because he has not heard from her since she left for the ballet camp retreat. What began as a simple request to talk to Kayla about Brittney’s whereabouts quickly spirals into another series of bad decisions. Why isn’t Kayla at the retreat? Why is everyone acting so strange? What is really going on?

Rebecca and Jay decide to get the police involved in an attempt to take attention away from them and create a new scenario for the authorities to consider. This turns out to be the catalyst to this not-so-brilliant plan falling apart even faster and soon, there is yet another murder investigation underway.

The film offers a twist that many did not see coming, which will be refreshing for those that enjoy thrillers. The Lie is one movie that will make you pose the question, “just how far are you willing to go for your child?”

The Lie is one of eight films produced by Blumhouse, a mega presence in the thriller and horror genres. All eight films are set to be released this year on Amazon Prime in their collection that they are calling “Welcome to the Blumhouse.” Two of the films will be released this week (The Lie and Black Box), and two next weeks, just in time for Halloween!

Image courtesy of Little Cinema