You might think that famous people like celebrities, sports stars, and models live completely different lives from the average person. While there are lots of perks to having this status, famous people still think about many of the same things that regular people do. Laura Iafrate is a fashion model, and she wants to share what her life in the profession is like.

Laura Iafrate is a Venezuelan-Italian model, born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She had a good life, but she always knew that she wanted to travel the world and try new things. She studied at San Ignacio de Loyola School and studied Law and Liberal Arts for two years at Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas. “While I liked what I was studying, I knew it wasn’t my passion,” Iafrate said. “I knew I had to branch out and try something new.” She was discovered by Elite Model Look when she was only 16 years old. “That had a huge impact on me. I didn’t think anyone would ever pick me from the crowd like that. I was flattered and wanted to try out this new world of modeling.” While she was nervous and suffered from impostor syndrome, she made it through. She is the winner of Elite Model Look Venezuela 2014. She also represented Venezuela in the World Final in Shenzhen, China. “Competing is difficult for me. I love to win, but it’s so nerve-wracking to be around all of these other beautiful women. It feels hard to compete, even when you know you’re at the same level as them.” In addition to competitions, Iafrate has modeled for top fashion brands like Angel Sanchez, Custo Barcelona, and Rosa Clara. “A fashion shoot takes a lot more work than you might realize. You have to spend hours in hair and makeup, then stand there and pose for hours. It might seem glamorous, but there’s a lot of hard work that happens while you’re shooting.”

Laura Iafrate currently lives between Mexico City and New York. “I’m grateful to be able to live my dreams because of my modeling career. It has opened up so many doors for me, and I can’t wait to see everything I can.” She is currently represented by Tibisay Rivas, one of the most elite model managers. “I know that I have many amazing shoots ahead of me,” she said. “I’m far from done showing the world what I’m made of.”

Modeling has also allowed Laura to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She uses this talent to inspire other women to believe in themselves and live how they want to. She’s currently developing two brands. One is a jewelry brand that supports artisans from different regions of Mexico. “I love to give back to the communities I am a part of. It’s one of my greatest passions.” She’s also making an athleisure brand based on sustainable fabrics. “I believe in conscious fashion and taking care of the environment. That’s what inspired me to work on the project.”

If you have a dream of being a model, it might be possible to make it a reality. You just have to put in the hard work and live for your dreams every day.



Featured Image by Laura Iafrate