The Lighthouse Church has become a refuge for many in the Houston area as a place to worship and network. Pastor Keion a native of Gary, Indiana started his walk with The Lord at 4 years old, he knew God had a calling over his life and he choose to share it with the masses.  The Lighthouse Church is becoming one of the fastest-growing churches for the new generation of worshipers. Pastor Keion celebrated 13 years of community service, worshipping, and being a beacon of hope for The Lighthouse Family as their Sheppard. I recently had the opportunity to speak with a member of The Lighthouse Family he was excited to tell us about his experience at The Lighthouse Church.


Why do you enjoy going to The Lighthouse Church?

I enjoy attending The Lighthouse Church because it’s a real experience. I can honestly say I can be myself and let God have his way when I’m surrounded by like-minded individuals.

How has it been having Shaunie as The 1st Lady of The Lighthouse Church?

Having Mrs. Shaunie as our 1st lady has been a very rewarding experience. Recently, she had her 1st event “HerStory,” where she invited the ladies of the church to come network, and really get to know more about her and bond with the ladies of The Lighthouse Community. Watching Pastor Keion and 1st lady Shaunie Henderson together has given an insight into how love can impact a community. Unlike the prominent church figures of the past, Pastor Henderson and 1st Lady Shaunie Henderson are more relatable to the people in the community that they serve.

Where do you see The Lighthouse Church going in 5 years?

I really see the Lighthouse growing bigger and better than ever in the next 5 years. My perspective of God and who he is really changed for the better once I stepped foot in the Lighthouse. He began to reveal things to me in ways that I knew could only be God himself. The Lighthouse is bringing people from all over to hear God’s word. God is getting ready to do some big things at The Lighthouse. I’m just making sure I stay connected.

So, if you are ever in Houston make sure you stop by The Lighthouse Church they have 3 locations, and services are also available online. If you want to stay updated on what The Lighthouse has going on follow them on Instagram @lhhoustonchurch