As COVID-19 continues to impact our world, many people have accepted the fact that masks aren’t going anywhere. As people adapt and find new ways to express themselves while covering half their faces, the fashion and beauty industries have had to adapt as well. Brianna LaTorre is the founder of The Lip Bunny, an award-winning beauty med spa in Massachusetts. With an Instagram following of over 119,000 people, LaTorre knows what’s hot and what’s not. Here, she shares her predictions for the top three beauty trends in 2021.

The Biggest Challenge in 2021

LaTorre explains, “The biggest challenge in this industry in 2021 is the stigma that injectables and neurotoxin injections create an unnatural or ‘fake’ look. People often think of celebrities who may have had overfilled injections, which casts a bit of shade on this industry.” But at The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa, their philosophy is to create as natural a look as possible while also enhancing the client’s natural features. The challenge is to continue to show that they can achieve a beautiful and natural-looking result. Slowly but surely, LaTorre and The Lip Bunny team are showing the world it’s possible.

Top 3 Beauty Trends

Eyes Are the New Lips

With face coverings being the new norm, LaTorre says eyes are the new lips in 2021. Many women, especially ones who have fair skin, become self-conscious about dark under-eye circles, discoloration around the eyes, and visible veins. One of the most significant blows to a person’s self-esteem is that dreaded question, “Have you been getting enough sleep?” And now that people have to cover most of their faces when they step out the door, that means that all eyes are on their eyes.

Age and stress are a couple of reasons why these issues may occur, but a person may also have a more serious underlying problem like a tear trough abnormality. Fillers can often correct these problems quickly. Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used eye filler. It’s made from naturally occurring sugar that’s found in cartilage and skin. Treatments using a series of hyaluronic acid injections can last up to nine months.

Brow lifts, under-eye fillers, and lateral cheekbone fillers are a few of the non-surgical treatments that can enhance the face. These treatments work to lighten and brighten the area around the eyes.

The Natural Look Is On-Trend

Despite masks, lips are always on-trend. It was decades ago when people realized the aesthetic appeal of slightly fuller lips. Since then, lip augmentation treatments have soared, and today they’re the most common treatments that women choose to get.

There are a few reasons why fuller but still natural-looking lips are more appealing:

  •         Fuller lips enhance the entire face
  •         Fuller lips can help reduce vertical lines that may have formed above the lips
  •         Fuller lips can make a person look younger

People can expect natural-looking fuller lips to stay on-trend in 2021, with non-surgical procedures continuing to remain in demand.

Body Procedures Are On the Rise

With most people still working from home, LaTorre says to expect body procedures like liposculpting to rise. People have always had areas of their bodies they’d like to tweak or improve. With work-from-home positions on the rise, people are spending more time with themselves now, giving them more time to notice all the little ways they’d like to improve their images.

With people spending less time on what used to be everyday tasks, like getting ready for work in the morning, commuting to work, staying late at the office, and commuting back home, people also have more time to heal from such procedures.

Those looking for less invasive, more natural options than liposculpting, liposuction, and other similar procedures can go for popular Sculptra and Kybella injections, which are a couple of LaTorre’s specialties.

Picking Up the Pace

In the next three to six months, The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa plans to add at least three more Certified Cosmetic Injectors and various new services. Some of the new services added to The Lip Bunny beauty treatment menu include teeth whitening, vaginal and anal bleaching, eyebrow lamination, lip tinting, lip tattooing, and lip blushing. LaTorre expects these procedures to be among the most popular in the industry this year.

The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa name has traveled far and wide. As the demand for exceptional cosmetic enhancement services grows each day, there is substantial demand for experienced and qualified Master Injectors. In the next 12 months, The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa will be developing plans to expand and open up various locations throughout the US so clients from around the country will have reliable places to receive their enhancements.



Featured Image courtesy of The Lip Bunny