When people seek to destroy you, they show up in need.

A so-called friend is in town who is always in need. After they take up your time, off they go. You make no time for them because you are too busy these days. Let’s be honest; you are simply not interested in hearing the latest sob story unfolding in their life. You have been in a happy and peaceful place. Now why would you interrupt your peace for them? You know this person like the back of your hand. You help them and listen to their sad stories. They have gone and talked about you many times. Somehow, they took something you said out of context, or did they. Was how they acted in talking behind your back to make you look bad a way for them to kick dirt on your name? So, you finally have learned your lesson, and that is, this person is dangerous. They do not care about you or your good fortune. Why on earth would you think such a thing? When dealing with a master manipulator, know they hate needing you for anything. Who else are they going to call? You seem like the best person to call for the moment, but deep inside, seeing that you are in a good place upsets them and makes them want to hurt you, if not destroy you, because their jealousy is that deep.

Haven’t you learned that when someone is out to destroy you, they can never be trusted? If this person loved and respected you as they said, it would not have taken much for them to talk with you about their feelings or understand your position, but like a true master manipulator, they do not talk. Talking is unimportant to a manipulator because it prevents them from speaking negatively about you. A master manipulator wants to destroy your world. They want to shut you up and make the world hate you. Talking to you about their feelings when it comes to you is a sign of loyalty. Why would they show you love and devotion? No, a master manipulator would instead assume the worst with no clarity that you are out to get or hurt them so that they can say hurtful things about you or simply attack you. They are out to destroy you, which has always been this way. This is who the master manipulator is and has always been. There is no relationship here, and it never was. Finally, you are awake!