One could be very easily impressed by the resume of master business strategist and the CEO of Atlanta based PPICW, Incorporated, Dr. Felicia Phillips but it is what came years before the here and now that made Dr. Phillips the woman that has such am impactful presence. 

She has dedicated her career to creating platforms for women of color and small business owners making it her mission is to help them to gain access to opportunities in pursuit of diversification with suppliers with corporations. She wanted to create an experience that was more than just a conference but a wealth of knowledge and resources, so, MogulCon was born! 

MogulCon is a three-day experience that unites women from around the globe that are all seeking tools, guidance, and fellowship along their entrepreneurial journies. 

Having started her very first business at only nineteen years old, Dr. Phillips has seen more than her share of rejection, hardship, and self-doubt, all of which inherently comes with business ownership. “As they say, this is not for the faint of heart,” she says. “There have been countless times that I have cried in the shower and asked myself why in the world I am even doing this.” 

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, however, being a woman in business just seemed to be in her DNA. 

“By the time I was 20, I was blessed to have my first six-figure business, United Helping Hands, a durable medical equipment business that served terminally ill patients. From there I sold the business and became a real estate investor which gave me the investment capital to become a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur,” says Dr. Phillips.

It has been her lessons and experiences as a woman of color in business that made MogulCon feel so necessary. During the three-day event, now in its fifth year,  Black women-owned businesses and corporate influencers to share, discuss, and learn from one another, even globally through the virtual platform. They get to experience everything from masterclasses on how to propel their business to high levels of success to practical applications from experts in leadership, e-commerce, email marketing, and more! 

As MogulCon continues to grow and expand, so does the mission, according to Dr. Phillips. She says that her next, and largest area of focus is to develop a funding vehicle for women-owned businesses. Her goal is to be able to go beyond educating on funding resources to actually being that resource. 

For women in business or looking to get into business ownership, Dr. Philips shares two very important tips; “First,” she says, “always know your why. Knowing why you do what you do helps you retain perspective when things look uncertain. This is what keeps you going on the days you feel like throwing in the towel. Secondly, know your numbers! I’ve seen many issues arise from not knowing what it costs to run your business, what truly comes in and what truly goes out,” she says.

As a wife, mother, and accomplished business leader, Dr. Phillips speaks from experience as a CEO, a businesswoman, a family woman, a boss…a MOGUL. 

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