We all know The Neighborhood Talk, now meet the owner Kyle Afernee who has been the source of our favorite social media moments.

How’s life after The Shaderoom?

Life after The ShadeRoom has been fine. I’m sure everyone knows the history between me and my former place of employment but that’s so 2018. I have no ill will towards anybody over there and I’m in a great place. God took me on a journey that I would have never imagined and has been blessing me every step of the way. It’s not an easy journey and there are days I literally just break down and cry, I’m honestly happy where I am. I’m my own boss, what’s better than that?

Who is Kyle Anfernee? We know the reporter but who is the real Kyle?

Kyle Anfernee is someone with a genuine heart  and feelings. A lot of these people I’ve met are cold and closed off, lack empathy. I care about people and want see people win.

What’s one story you wish you never covered?

One story I wish I just would not have covered was revealing Cardi B’s second pregnancy. Listen, she chewed my a** out after that story dropped. Somebody managed to get us both on the phone that night and we literally went back and forth for about 30 minutes. At the end of the call, we did resolve our issues. But yeah, let these ladies announce their own pregnancies PERIODT.

Do you believe you’re the male Wendy Williams? Do you believe in gossip going too far?

No, I don’t believe I’m the male Wendy Williams because I have emotions. Some stories I just won’t cover because it just doesn’t feel right. Wendy will report on anything, no matter how messy it might be. I believe in karma so I’m always cautious about the things we cover and how petty we are with certain people.

We notice you & your former team post at the same time why is that?

I can’t speak on that because I’m only focused on The Neighborhood Talk. But what I will say is if you follow the time stamps on the pages you’ll see who’s copying who.