Hair is essential to all women. The way a woman wears her hair is a form of expression. Natural hair in the African American community became very popular and more accepted around 2010. Ever since then, black women have been more creative with different protective styles to wear to avoid using heat and causing possible heat damage.

Locs have always been around, however, a new loc seems to be on the block. Butterfly locs give you the loc look with a more neat yet distressed feel to them. These locs have been seen on many and continue to get more exposure.

Butterfly locs can last up to three months with proper care, and if your hair grows while having the style you can go back and get it touched up.

Take a Columbia, SC stylist on Instagram, The Loc Trappp_. She is a loc specialist who has many women and even young girls coming to her for the new butterfly loc style.

Even the part-time loc stylist on Instagram, Locxx By Tee in Broward County, FL is already booked for October with the new loc style.

With the new season setting in a new hairstyle has as well and this simple get-up and go-to style is making its mark.


Featured Image obtained on the official Instagram of Locxx By Tee