The new year marks a gathering of bonds as people set resolutions for the year. According to Ohio State University research team, only 9% of Americans successfully complete their resolutions, with 23% given up within the first week and 43% by year’s end. Reflecting on this, I delved into the origin of the New Year’s, discovering it began over 4000 years ago to honor the Roman god Janus. It revolves around the equinox, signifying new beginnings, opportunities and impending changes.

This leads me to the concept that, as people, we grasp the idea of a new year and the associated opportunities, which brings a sense of positivity in our ability to make changes. However, this excitement tends to be short-lived, and its staying power diminishes, observing others’ plans on social media or hearing about them can trigger insecurities, fostering self-doubt. How do we cultivate enduring, purpose-driven habits rather than mere goals? Resolutions are decisions, but discipline acts as a catalyst for sustained growth. 

For me, resolutions signify both a new beginning and the conclusion of the old. They serve as reflections on the past and glimpses into the future. Instead of framing it as a resolution, I’ve chosen to prioritize discipline-a universal focus essential for aligning with our purpose. Embracing the lessons from each year and avoiding dwelling on negatives will help us progress on our journey without getting stuck in the “ shoulda, woulda, coulda” Conundrum.

With every passing year, appreciating our presence becomes crucial- learning to say, “thank you.” And understanding life’s challenges are inherent, but we shouldn’t compound them by self-criticism for things left incomplete. My challenge for everyone this year is to wholeheartedly embrace self-celebration, acknowledging both failures and victories. Within each experience lies a valuable lesson, fostering knowledge and awareness. James Baldwin stated, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.“ May these words guide us as we confront and grow from the various facets of our journeys this year.