The best faux lash has it all: the comfort, the versatility, the authenticity, the fullness. Whether a girls night out or a “makeup-free” beach day, reliable and drool-worthy lashes are atop the must-have beauty list. As a lash lover, my palate for quality lash products has become selective, and Velour Beauty will always be one of my faves.

Velour Beauty’s Effortless Collection is my pick of the summer for high-level lashes and low maintenance applications. The Effortless Collection comes with 12 different styles and promises over 25 wears, no trims, and effortless looking lashes. While the brand is home to a plethora of lash lengths and volumes from natural to glamour, the Effortless Collection is not your over-the-top, statement sets. The range scales non-over-the-top for those “everyday lashes” we love, so delicately enhance your natural lash, with conscious beauty and minimal effort.


Industry favorite, Velour Beauty has simplicity at its core and premium quality products that upgrade the lash experience. With Mother’s Day on the way, and summer right around the corner, here are a few styles to add to your (and mom’s) gift list!


Made for the simple-at-heart, lash style Minimalist is the only false lash you need to complete your everyday look. Keep it minimal with a round, ¾ length band, and criss-cross, ultra-light lash that’s perfect for finishing a no-makeup makeup look.

Less is More

This classy, barely-there lash style will get you all the attention you want, without making it obvious. Less is More is one of my faves, adding a subtle touch to your natural lash with a comfy ¾ length band and soft flare.


Love at first sight! You’ll find what you’ve been looking for in this wispy and flared false lash. Soulmate is the full package – spikey, criss-crossed, and full volume. Perfect for romantic date nights.


Understated is Velour Beauty’s most natural lash style. With an easygoing flare, and a beautifully lightweight and criss-cross pattern, this is an everyday false lash that’s elegant and modest for all occasions.

First Love

If you’re looking for a fluttery and flirty false lash, then you may have just found the one in First Love. Wispy and clustered, this natural lash creates the most adorable gaze.

A tip to a successful Velour lash application is to apply Velour’s latex-free Lash Adhesive (in White or Black) to the lash bands. Allow approximately 30 seconds for the adhesive to become sticky. Once sticky, apply the lashes to your lash line and adjust as necessary. For assistance on picking the perfect style for your eyes and preferences, take Velour Beauty’s Lash Quiz!

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