College Park, Ga- Educational Development, Family Engagement, and Economic Empowerment; These are the principles that collectively represent a renewed commitment to a historic Atlanta neighborhood and its beloved residents. For thirty seven years,nestled only minutes from the World’s Busiest Airport rests a haven that has served the city of College Park and served as a birthplace for everything from art, music, entrepreneurship, and collective empowerment.

The Old National Discount Mall sits at the epicenter of Atlanta’s renowned, Old National. This massive edifice housing over 100 family owned businesses has served as a stomping ground for Atlanta’s earliest icons. From artists like 2 Chainz, Gunna, India Irie & more this space is packed full of iconic origin stories hailing from a historic landmark. 

Local resident Amira Malcolm states during a recent trip to the mall Saturday afternoon.

“This is like a part of your home, My mama took me shopping here for school. I’ve brought my baby here. It’s good to see us back.”

After a brief closing, The Old National Discount mall reopened its doors with a new vision of empowerment and self-sufficiency in the city of College Park. Thanks to new structure within management and the support of the beloved tenants, local residents will now have access to an array of education and vocational courses, hiring resources, non-profit agencies, family friendly events and more! Creative Expansion Strategist and Publicist for the space states,

“When discussing an area such as this one it is important to understand that it stands for the work and dedication of the people in this area, it stands for the culture, it stands for a lot of what Atlanta has given to the world. Our music, our style, the way we interact and it’s just time that this area is shown the same love. We take care of our own so we’re committed to giving the city what it needs. Whether its jobs, an education, a space that their kids can feel safe, we’re changing how we see ourselves and how the world sees us”

The lack of understanding for the significance of this establishment ultimately erases a large part of the city’s history. It is through questionable media antics and false information that a wreckless narrative has been created and distributed to the public in an attempt to taint the reputation of a key component to the city’s economy. With no acknowledgement of the mall’s 37 year history, nor concern of the countless family owned businesses, corrupted city officials turn to media tactics, baseless accusations, and a lack of concern for the safety and empowerment of this city’s inhabitants. Those in position to address the needs of this historic neighborhood chose to attack the livelihood of the families who make up over one hundred tenants.

The Old National Discount Mall takes pride in being a refuge for entrepreneurs from all over the world to come and nurture and pursue their dreams. With a new understanding of the needs and concerns of the loyal tenants and customers The Old National Mall is eager to reestablish both the trust and truth within the city of College Park, this can only be accomplished through hearing the demands of the city’s people and applying those requests for a better future to the work we continue to do.

Through Atlanta’s music scene, The annual Car & Bike Show, to 107.9’s Birthday Bash & More the city remains entrusting with this historic space to get ready for something, get excited for something, and get excited for change. The Old National Discount Mall wishes to invite residents, media, and local leaders to witness a new vision for College Park.The we aim to provide more than just a shopping destination, but to create a space in which local residents can gain  access to educational resources, vocational training, job placement, and youth entrepreneurial opportunities.  The Old National Discount Mall is seeking both vendors, resource agencies, and volunteers to aid in bringing a series of exciting events, activations, and initiatives to life.

The dedicated team is committed to providing a hub of education for scholars in life to gain both the tools, experience, and support to create momentous change in the City of College Park. Through these activities, events, and the rollout of several educational and skill training programs we aim to eliminate the culture of poverty and financial subordination. In a single establishment with over 150 businesses, this team is creating the spark to ignite the determination in all residents to push for a brighter future.

With an understanding of the challenges facing local families, and businesses The Old National Discount Mall and its dedicated team aim to establish an entity that is committed to providing the necessary resources and support to overcome them. Despite political antics and deliberate attacks,  we believe that the key to revitalizing our neighborhood is through empowering the people. It is through hearing and addressing the needs of this historic city, that we will establish a brighter future for all residents. We are excited to push forward and offer a range of programs and initiatives that will help local residents build the skills and confidence they need to establish self-sufficiency and empower others.

We are proud to be a part of a collective that embraces the dedicated work of its population, and we are committed to working together to create a brighter future for everyone. We hope that you will join us in this exciting new chapter of The Old National Discount Mall.