The empowering Pink Apple Brunch & Awards is a must-attend event during New York City Fashion Week! Gabrieline Reece, the CEO and Founder of Women Who Influence,  has created this event and partnered with Apple Awards and Sheen Magazine to honor women who are making an impact in their communities, give women a chance to be in a safe space and network and advocate for women to amplify their voices. 

The Pink Apple Brunch and Awards is fast approaching! What do you hope attendees get by attending this event during New York Fashion Week?

Yes, we are hosting the Pink Apple Brunch and Awards in New York City during New York City Fashion Week. The event is on Sunday, September 10 in Brooklyn!

I am truly excited for attendees to come and have the chance to network, celebrate other women of color who have high achievements, acknowledge that there are spaces that do welcome us, and recognize organizations that are working to debunk the “angry black women” myth. So, these are many of the incentives and reasons why I started this event to show the world that black women do come together and have a very strong support system! We are classy! There are tables that are being made and continue to be built to welcome each other. 

Women Who Influence is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which empowers women professionals from different fields. Can you tell us more about this organization and its advocacy work?

The non-profit’s advocacy work stems from my own story as a woman of color, who grew up as a foreigner and watched my parents work multiple jobs! When watching them, I realized how they interacted with other people who did not like them and judged them based on their skin color as well as their language. So, the advocacy work that I started then has helped my parents create their own narrative and build the confidence to tell their stories. This work continues for me, as I travel and have the opportunity to serve other people, communities, and underrepresented populations through storytelling. 

It’s a huge duty to serve and partner with other women who look like me and use the tools to change the narratives of their communities! It’s important that our voices are heard, amplified, and even recognized as a backbone when we work with our counterparts.  

Several honorees will be honored during this event. Tell us more about these women and why they were hand-picked.

My co-partner, Summer, and I have a yin-to-yang relationship. So, going through this process of picking out these ladies was a great process. I was looking for women who were advocating in different communities and industries such as domestic violence, fashion and creativity, event spaces, and mental health. These women include:

Carol Maraj – Founder of Carol Maraj Foundation

Akira Armstrong – Founder & CEO of Pretty Big Movement

Farshiya Felix – CEO of Jahzara Nicole Events

Pilar Scratch – Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist & Business Mogul

Rhonesha Byng – Founder & CEO of Her Agenda

We want to show support to these women who are impacting their community, amplifying voices, and taking their trauma to change the narrative for other people who might be going through the same things. 

Where can secure a seat and ticket for the Pink Apple Brunch and become a partner with Women Who Influence?

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Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash