Pinky Cole is simply Pinky Cole-ing! The next facet of her empire, Eat Plants B*tch is on bookshelves everywhere. “If God gave me the bag, you think Imma fumble the bag?”- Pinky Cole. Eat Plants B*tch: 91 Vegan Recipes That Will Blow Your Meat Loving Mind is not just for the vegans, it’s also for people who are primarily vegetarian, but dabble in eating meat and fish, also known as a Flexitarian. Get into it! 

The Pinky Cole Experience took place at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, hosted by Big Tigger and this empowering, sluttifying event brought many surprises. In attendance, were the iconic Jermaine Dupri, R+B legends Que from 112, and Jagged Edge. Pinky Cole and Saucy Santana walked it out, Queen of the Côte D’Ivoire Coast of the Dawa People Ariane Simone brought the royalty. Of course, our distinguished ATL politicians, Mayor Andre Dickens and Senator Raphael Warnock pulled up, as well, to support Eating Plants, B*tch. 

Black Love + Entrepreneurism was in the air. The restauranteur power couple continues to demonstrate vegan and non-vegan, Black Love. Pinky Cole and one of her Chefs had lucky audience members taste test the vegan versus nonvegan egg rolls and the tasters admitted they could not taste the difference. Pinky emphasizes it’s all about the flavor. Both of their food trucks, The Big Ole Slut and the Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks truck, were serving various deliciousness. Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks CEO and Fiancé gifted Pinky with a bouquet of red roses, a serenade from 112’s Que, and a brand new, all Black G Wagon. 

Pinky Cole invited new collaboration opportunities, such as the Black Woman Owned beverage brand, I Get Juiced. Pinky and Big Tigger taste tested the juices, such as the All About the Beets and they were so delicious, you may be able to get juiced at a Slutty Vegan near you in the near future. The philanthropy and extension of opportunities to Black Owned business owners are endless with the Pinky Cole Empire. “As I climb, I’m going to lift!” -Pinky Cole 

Grab your copy of Eat Plants B*tch at a Bookstore near you!