“In the hip-hop world music cannot survive without a DJ. DJs set the tone for how the crowd will receive the artist before hitting a stage and before a record plays in a club. as an artist you must recognize that without a good DJ, your music will be powerless”. 

 In 2020 the world was introduced to a new TV series on stars called P valley. P valley exposed the underground world of stripping and how hip-hop and rap music is broken. While many people aspire to be a part of the music industry, a lot are unaware of the power that strip clubs have and breaking new music and artist. 

“Strip clubs are the vessel for artists to be able to see how people react to your music. you give your music to a DJ who is spending at the club and if the dancers are feeling the track that you know you have a hit on your hands but the DJ is the one who has the first bless the track.”

 With his raspy voice and iconic lyrics hip hop star Jeezy, hit the scene in 2005 representing a new style of rap music called trap music. A style that originated in Georgia from rappers Trap music speaks on the lives of men and women in the culture and their experiences in the trap. what many albums sold, Jeezy credits his career to having DJs who were willing to play his records in the strip clubs. 

“People often frown upon strip clubs because it’s a strip club because of what they think happens there, but strip clubs are actually a place of business. In its true essence, the strip club is where artists are born. having a good DJ who has an ear for music will help any artist blow up. but if the DJ is not good then chances are slim to none that your career can take off. that’s why you see every hip hop artist who performs on a stage have a great DJ alongside them.” 

When you look at the current state of hip-hop and rap music you see the influence of the club environment and the impact of having an amazing DJ contribute to the success and advancement of the music genre. from DJ Khaled to DJ Mustard, DJ’s are making a name for themselves aside from the artist that they work with.