Raised in the Jefferson Projects in Downtown Buffalo, NY National Recording Artist Ponzo Houdini launched his career In 2007. Over the years, Ponzo Houdini has toured and worked with artists such as Future, Oj Da Juiceman, Benny The Butcher, Griselda, Tsu Surf, Zaytoven, O’Mega Red, and more.

Ponzo Houdini has starred in several movies and has a major starring role in the movie Pure Finesse as “Maine”. Pure Finesse is the #1 Most Popular movie on Tubi right now. Ponzo Houdini didn’t stop there with the Film/Tv industry, he has one of the most talked about reality shows “For The Love Of Ponzo” which can be viewed by downloading The Next Network on Roku Tv or Amazon Fire Tv.

What have been some of the most memorable moments in your music career thus far?

PonzoSome of the most memorable moments in my music career are going from recording in my cousin’s attic to recording in a million-dollar studio. Also being able to have my music blowing up and getting millions of streams and views independently. I realize not many artists can achieve that.

What are some of the latest tracks that have the most meaning to you and why?

PonzoThe track that has the most meaning to me is the song “Pray For Buffalo”. That song came from my heart and soul because of the tragedy that took place at The Tops Supermarket when the dude killed all of those innocent black people in my community. Also, my hit song “Rich Lit” that song changed my life it blew up and now it’s my first hit record and it’s getting radio spins all around the world and on a bunch of playlists. And going viral on TikTok. So yeah, those songs have a major impact on my life for real.

How was the experience acting in “Pure Finesse” which is the #1 most popular movie on Tubi right now? What can you tell us about your role?

PonzoThe experience acting in Pure Finesse was a challenging experience, working on set for 18-hour days. But I appreciate the work that was put in in order to achieve this victory. I mean this is an independent film and it’s now the #1 most popular movie on Tubi with over 35,000 other movies available were number 1. Big shout out to the Producer Duece King and Director Amire K Reed for the opportunity to become a movie star. My role in the movie is the character “Maine”, a street guy running with a crew in Atlanta and we’re robbing and conning people in drug game. I’m the brains of the operation, the thinker, and the one who executes when it’s time for action.

We would love to learn about the reality show you have in the works. What can you share at this time?

PonzoMy new reality show is called “For The Love Of Ponzo”its a show about 10 ladies all in one house with me, fighting for my love. It was filmed here in Atlanta. The experience was amazing to see all the ladies competing for my love. I had different contests for them to see who was the best candidate and of course, you know it got a lil spicy lol. Also, there were some major turning points because these ladies were holding their own. I mean it got crazy! Girls jumping off pool tables, throwing vases, production hit with pool balls, and security getting attacked. I mean it was a lot but overall, a very dope experience. The show is available now just download “The Next Network” on Roku Tv or Amazon Fire Stick. Every Monday at 8 pm a new episode drops.

Are there any upcoming events, tours, or projects you can exclusively share with us first?

Ponzo: Well, I just signed a deal with a big talent agency and am now about to be landed in some major productions. I’m working on my new album currently and getting ready for a tour at the end of the summer. So just continuing to build my foundation.


Appreciate y’all for having me. It’s Ponzo Houdini (Cake Boss Cake Boss)

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