Being a young FASHION ICON in the making Danny Gilbreath CEO of Precious Life Clothing gives a new take on an old idea. Precious Life isn’t just a t-shirt brand, it’s a statement piece for the ones who believe in letting their wardrobe speak for them. In today’s world, fashion is a forever revolving door. What was once old is new and what was once pristine is now outdated. I had the opportunity to interview this YOUNG GIFTED BLACK MAN and ask him about what Precious Life is about.
What’s the meaning behind Precious Life?
Precious Life is a Big Symbol and representation Of Life. The meaning is not taking the one life we have for granted and going all in and building your own legacy while we can. All is with one chance Is the main symbol.
What’s your demographic?
Our Demographic is not a limited brand we want men, women, young and old to experience a Precious Life.
Who inspired you to create your clothing brand?
My Inspiration in fashion is Definitely Virgil Abloh and Asap Bari one of the creators of Vlone.
What brand would you love to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with Chrome Hearts clothing brand.
How do HBCUs and FASHION go hand in hand?
I feel like HBCUs in general try to push the envelope when it comes to what we see in magazines and in today’s music.  A lot of the higher-end brands get their inspiration from BLACK CREATIVES however; with Precious Life, I want to give a voice to those that believe we dont have one in the fashion community.
What makes Precious Life different from other urban wear brands?

The meaning of Precious Life separates itself in general which is why we shoot for a different look and design that could quickly get your attention when you see it on the train or in a shopping area. We want to make sure that Precious Life stands out amongst other brands

Photo Credit: @frostylenss