In 2001, Disney Channel amped up the volume with an all-Black family cartoon sitcom that touched not one, not two, but three different generations in one household. Executive producers Bruce W. Smith and Ralph Farquhar touched many with children who have now grown up and had their own children. When Disney+ was created in 2019, the eyes and hearts of those who use to watch the show seemed like they had a second chance at being a kid again. Not only was Disney Channel original shows such as The Proud Family, That’s So Raven, and Lizzie McGuire on there, but a soft reboot of The Proud Family came to life. The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder hit the tv screens and fans couldn’t get enough of teenager Penny Proud, her parents Trudy and Oscar Proud alongside her friends, younger twin siblings BeBe and CeCe, and loving grandmother Suga Mama. Due to the amazing feedback and reviews of the show, they confirmed a second season that airs TODAY on Disney+.

SHEEN Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with both Bruce and Ralph to discuss possible plans for The Proud Family in the future, how many generations they touched with this show, what makes the family louder and prouder, and even a little Carter family surprise. When speaking with both of them whose film catalogs extend to Princess & The Frog, Moesha, Bebe’s Kids, The Parkers, and more, they explained that culture was very important to showcase in the series. They showcase Black, White, and Latino children growing up together, learning, and evolving together as teenagers. When asked if they were aware that they touched three generations they said proudly and confidently, YES. “Yes, that was the plan for the show. We have Penny and her friends with her parents and you can’t forget the iconic Suga Mama.

What makes the cast Louder & Prouder this go-round?

Outside of the original cast we brought on new cast members. We certainly are louder and prouder in the sense that we extended the cast including people such as Billy Porter, Zarachy Quinto, Keke Palmer, A Boogie With The Hoodie, and EJ Johnson. So it is certainly bigger and definitely louder! We increased the range of lifestyles in terms of the characters of the cast being portrayed so it’s very exciting.

The fans want to know, we know y’all saw Jay-Z & Beyoncé’s Halloween photo last year. Was that planned or was the company just as surprised as we were?

I think we were ALL surprised when we saw that. Pleasantly surprised! Beyoncé and her family have been great supporters of our Proud Family journey from day 1. It was a total and complete surprise. She doesn’t do that for followers or IG at all and we were very honored that they thought of us at that time. She’s been a part of our show from the very beginning, it was natural and organic.

Will there be more movies in the future?

We see an expansion in The Proud Family Universe. That could possibly include movies. We do have characters that can definitely use a larger template to get their stories told. We aren’t afraid of doing a movie, that’s for sure! But in terms of a movie, we aren’t talking about a tv movie we are talking about a MOVIE MOVIE. So everyone needs to write in and say you want a Proud Family movie.

Be sure to check out The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder TODAY on Disney+