Sweet Cookies CEO, Starr Dawkinz is on a mission to educate young girls and women on the importance of taking care of your sweet spot! The brand is an all-natural vagina bakery that feature feminine hygiene products including panty liners, wipes, and much more! Dawkinz, just three years in the self-care industry has created her own path in the field in hopes of spreading the word that yes, you can talk about your sweet spot, and it should be normalized. We caught up with her to discuss the inspiration behind the brand, what all it has to offer, and much more!

Tell us about the inspiration behind creating Sweet Cookies.

It’s funny because some people some up with a business idea, my followers actually came up with the business idea for me. At the time, I was kind of homeless in Los Angeles and I was vlogging my experience. As I was doing that, I talked about feminine health and hygiene a lot. I would tell women that they could make their own natural soap instead of using harsh chemical soaps. I showed them how to make it. They were all like ‘Girl, you are so broke, why don’t you just make it and sell it. No one has time to sit at home and make that themselves’ (laughs). I was like wow! That’s a good idea (laughs). I was focused on acting though so I didn’t jump on it immediately but once people kept suggesting the idea of creating a feminine hygiene line, I saw that the demand was there. Honestly, my fans really inspired all of it.

What all does Sweet Cookies offer?

I like to say we are an all-natural vagina bakery. We offer feminine hygiene products that women can use every day. From panty liners, wipes, feminine wash, misting spray, everything you can think of as a woman that you think you may need to take care for your sweet spot, we supply.

Why is the promotion of education and vagina health so important to you?

I would say it is because I am from a Caribbean background. Living in America, I realized how uneducated and flawed the system is in terms of educating women on feminine health. Some of the things that are taught or not taught kind of bothered me as a young woman. It was very important for me to make my brand fun and cater to millennials and upcoming pre-teens. We don’t know enough. It’s not something taught in the school curriculum. Sometimes moms are overworked, they don’t have time to do that. A lot of my friends’ parents couldn’t even show them how to put on a pad. It’s just important to me to be that person that says it is not dirty to talk about the vagina. It’s not weird if you have a yeast infection, this is how you can prevent it. I want to normalize the conversation.

How has it been being a CEO during the time of the pandemic?

Hmm, I hope I don’t sound insensitive but thank you Jesus for the pandemic. I think it’s brought in so many sales and so much more attention to [especially in my field] hygiene and staying clean. It’s a priority. I just think that while the virus [God rest their souls to the ones we’ve lost] business-wise, we’ve done amazing. When people don’t have anything to do when sitting at home, they shop. I’m not sure where they’re getting the money or what’s happening but even speaking to my other friends that are business-owners, our sales are doing better than ever. I guess you don’t have other things pulling your money away from you. So many people are pouring it back into businesses. It’s such a blessing. It’s so weird. I was so nervous at the start of the pandemic, but my sales literally doubled each month.

What can we expect to see from you and Sweet Cookies in the future?

You can definitely expect to see more giving back. I definitely am passionate about helping other women. I want to start a confidence campaign, where we highlight confident women and reward other confident women, who are grinding, doing their thing or may need financial assistance. I definitely want Sweet Cookies to be known for helping women, not just in the feminine hygiene department.

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