The Rayloc Group announced today the “Michael Colyar Gram-A-Thon on Instagram Live.

Get ready for a day of non-stop entertainment and philanthropy as legendary entertainer Michael Colyar host this exciting event on his official Instagram account, @Michael_Colyar.

This 12-hour telethon event, scheduled for Sunday, July 23, from 9 AM to

9 PM, aims to raise funds for the much-awaited comedy special, “The KING of Venice Beach with Michael Colyar,” and to support homeless individuals in our community.

The Gram-A-Thon promises to be a spectacular extravaganza, bringing together a star-studded lineup of celebrities, musicians, comedians, authors, entrepreneurs, and other notable personalities.

Broadcasting live on Instagram, viewers are in for a treat with captivating live remotes, sensational music performances, side-splitting comedy, and heartfelt appeals by some of the most popular entertainers around the world.

Michael Colyar, a legendary entertainer known for his incredible talents and comedic genius, is excited to host this unique Instagram Live experience.

He will be joined by an exceptional cadre of surprise co-hosts throughout the 12-hour Gram-A-Thon, ensuring each hour brings unforgettable moments for the audience.

“We’re thrilled to bring you an Instagram Live event like no other,” said Michael Colyar, the headliner of the special Gram-A-Thon. “Every hour will be packed with excitement, entertainment, and opportunities to make a difference by supporting the homeless and contributing to ‘The KING of Venice Beach with Michael Colyar’ comedy special.”

The event encourages viewers to engage actively and contribute to the cause during the Gram-A-Thon.

Donations collected throughout the event will go towards funding “The KING of Venice Beach with Michael Colyar,” a highly anticipated comedy special that promises to tickle the funny bones of comedy enthusiasts worldwide.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 23, from 9 AM to 9 PM, and tune in to @Michael_Colyar on Instagram to witness the action unfold.

Join in the fun, enjoy the performances, laugh heartily, and be part of an event that uplifts the community and supports outstanding comedic and artistic talent.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, Michael Colyar has established himself as one of the funniest and most beloved comedians of our time.

Audiences can expect an unforgettable comedy experience filled with Michael’s signature wit, observational humor, quick-witted one-liners, and side-splitting stories that will leave them in stitches.

The special is scheduled to be filmed in September 2023 at Venice Beach, California, providing a nostalgic backdrop that holds deep personal meaning for Michael.

“The KING of Venice Beach with Michael Colyar” goes beyond entertainment. As part of his commitment to giving back to the community, Michael Colyar will be sending 1,986 blessing bags to the homeless, packed with essential personal hygiene products and more.

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the comedy concert will be donated to the St. Joseph Center in Venice, California, an organization dedicated to providing assistance to those affected by poverty and homelessness through various initiatives.

Producing a comedy special of this caliber requires significant resources and investment. To ensure the success of the project, The Rayloc Group, a prominent entertainment production company, is launching a crowdfunding campaign.

Supporters and comedy enthusiasts are invited to become an integral part of this remarkable endeavor and receive exclusive perks, including production credit and Michael Colyar merchandise. By supporting this Gram-A-Thon, donors not only contribute to the creation of an extraordinary comedy special but also make a positive impact on the lives of the homeless through Michael Colyar’s generous initiative.

“We believe that laughter has the power to bring people together and make a difference,” said a spokesperson from The Rayloc Group. “By supporting this Gram-A-Thon, you not only help create an extraordinary comedy special but also contribute to the betterment of our community.

Join us in this incredible journey and be a part of something truly special.”

To learn more about the Gram-A-Thon, crowdfunding campaign for “The KING of Venice Beach with Michael Colyar,” and to make a contribution, click here.

Let’s come together to spread laughter and compassion while supporting the incredible talent of Michael Colyar and making a positive change in the lives of those in need.

About The Rayloc Group:

The Rayloc Group is a leading entertainment production company committed to creating exceptional content across various mediums. With a strong passion for storytelling and a dedication to excellence, The Rayloc Group strives to deliver captivating and impactful experiences for audiences worldwide.

About Michael Colyar:

Michael Colyar is a renowned comedian celebrated for his wit, infectious humor, and observational style. With an impressive career that spans over three decades, he has collaborated with notable figures such as John Singleton, Bernie Mac, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Cedric The Entertainer, and Oprah Winfrey, leaving an indelible mark on the comedy industry.

For more information and updates on Michael Colyar, follow him on social media: Twitter & Instagram: @michael_colyar

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Michael Colyar