Model, Film Star, and Business Mogul stepped from behind the camera into philanthropy and renewed purpose.  

If you’re unaware of who Keiona Veney is, you’ve most likely seen her in music videos and your private search history over the past decade. This Inglewood, California native began her career as a model and dancer and quickly moved amongst the ranks of some of the top stars in the adult/print industry. That’s the story you know, but whether you’ve seen her on Playboy TV or Hustler Magazine, Veney is more than that.

On the day we met, Veney was perfectly adorned with golden-age Hollywood glamour. Balmain dress understated and perfect earrings, poised posture, the perfect combination of subtle sexy and professionalism. The moment she popped through the screen, I knew that the depth of this conversation would be more than surface level.

The style, however, could not be ignored so I wanted to inquire about her fashion influences, because people just don’t pull out the particular dress she had on, without some fashion acumen.

“I would call my style classic vintage. Like movie stars in old Hollywood movies. But also, I have an exotic side so that I could give you a bikini, but I love that vintage style.”

It’s been believed that within every journey, there’s an impactful story on how someone got to where they were. Keiona comes from a strong-knit family her parents have been married for over three decades and she has Creole ancestry running throughout her DNA.

She’s the daughter of hard-working people, and everything she’s ever done has been based on her understanding of the value of representation.

As it relates to her start in the industry, she was fascinated by the Nicole’s and Pam Anderson’s back in the day but quickly realized that although she was surrounded by beautiful Creole women in her family, there were very few standouts in that industry. This former cheerleader and drill team dancer knew she could do it.

Not only did she do it, but there was also no slow progression, she quickly moved from video dancer to Playboy TV in the blink of an eye. She skipped the line. But it’s a credit to her tenacity and Inglewood grit that got her these places. “I worked hard, I studied what I needed to study, to get where I wanted to go. My family also held me to a standard that included disciple and hard work.”

Once she made it to the rooms she wanted to be in, she begin to create business endeavors that helped women who didn’t look like her to have the same opportunities that she did. Veney punctured the glass ceiling not just because she could, but simply to make room for more women of color to get in.

This is admirable.

As successful as Veney has been in the field, she desires to expand her public profile. She wants us to know that she’s more than what you see. As she continues to further her real estate education, and perfect her brand, she’s moved into a renewed purpose.

“I want to be more than hot Keiona, I’ve done that. I’m in real estate school, I want people to know how important health is to me, my cooking, and all these books I read! “

“I want to help kids and adults that don’t have what they need.”

Veney even as a kid, was always the one who rooted for the underdog, who stood up against bullying, and who however popular, never wanted anyone to feel like an outsider. As she continues to revamp her image, she’s not changing into a new person, she’s always been the giving and understanding person that gave more than she took. “I want to people, kids, and adults that don’t have what they need.

Veney is moving towards becoming a lifestyle brand with her priority to take care of those less fortunate. When we asked her what we could expect, with bright enthusiasm, she gushed about the expansion and reconstruction of her not-for-profit that’s currently being developed, and her new clothing lines.

For more information on Keiona:

Instagram: @keiona.veney

Photo by Ryan K @realryankphoto