Relationship expert, Tracy McMillian is back with a second season of OWN TV’s Family or Fiancé. This unique show dives deep into the background of couples preparing for marriage despite the opinions of their friends and family. The show concept is that both sides of the groom and bride-to-be’s families are invited to stay inside of a home for a weekend of family and relationship counseling, activities, and bonding. Tracy takes the couples into her hands by taking the time to get to know both families’ opinions and apprehension about the marriage. Through a slew of experiences, and counseling sessions with Tracy McMillian she helps couples figure out whether they want to remain together and convince their families to support.

The Family or Fiancé experience ends with the couples asking their families for their blessings to wed.

This show is addictive for any young adult, married couples, or divorcees, it encourages them to dive deeper into their own relationships and bring perspective into their own situations. This is definitely a show I would watch weekly with my boyfriend, husband, or partner. Tune in and check it out for yourself on Saturdays at 9/8c on OWN Television. Check out this exclusive clip from the ATL Family or Fiancé Media Luncheon where Tracy McMillian dished on some of the couples, relationships, and much more!

Credit: Media & More By Tori