The return of Morris Brown College is what everyone has been waiting for. After 20 years Dr. Kevin James has decided to resurrect the prestigious college.  Dr. Kevin James started his tenure as Morris Brown College 19th President March 1st , 2019. When asking him how it all happened, he replied, “I was sitting at my house, and saw where my predecessor had retired and I always wanted to be president of a HBCU, I spoke with the chairman of the board sent my resume and about a month or two later I interviewed and the rest is history.” Morris Brown is part of the prestigious university row in the heart of Atlanta, GA with Clark Atlanta, Morehouse College and Spelman University and is part of The African Methodist Episcopal Church. The restoration of Morris Brown is more than just providing an educational institution it is a corner stone, history and a legacy that must be protected.

“We have literally turned this University around in sixteen to seventeen months” Dr. Kevin James says proudly.

As we know the pandemic has flipped a lot of things upside down especially for educational institutions. At the beginning of 2020, Morris Brown started with thirty-five students so the transition to online learning was not a hard task, stated Dr James. In the wake of online learning, Morris Brown even went as far to hire an Executive Director of Online Learning to oversee and fully develop the online programming. Morris Brown College began a campaign called #RESTOREMORRISBROWN #THEHARDRESET where they are bring awareness to the programs that is offered such as Business, Music, Psychology, Organizational Management & Leadership, Bachelor of Science Degree In Global Management & Applied Leadership Program and Hospitality Management. Also to note, Morris Brown is the first college in Georgia black or white that will offer East Sports Performance it is a billion-dollar gaming industry world-wide.

In conclusion, Dr. James believes that HBCUs must get out of the mindset of begging in his opinion relying on just tuition and alumni is a mistake; institutions such as Southern University has gotten into the hemp oil business which is a big deal especially in 2020. “We must get our alumni to buy into the business of HBCUs,” Dr. James has said just like church when you leave something on the alter i.e. “Homecoming!” It’s time to switch these schools into big businesses. Morris Brown has reached out to their notable alumni and as president. The world is watching and we can not wait to see what is next for Morris brown College!

Fun Fact: Morris Brown College sponsored Glady’s Knight on her first talent competition at the young age of 6-years-old.

All images provided by Dr. Kevin James