Kara Sax and Tamara Keller describe in depth that there are no shortcuts to success. And also let you know why surrounding yourself with the right relationships can lead to abundance for every area of your life.

The one thing that I do know for sure is, that it does take courage to be successful. It does take courage to be bold, fearless, have tenacity, plus drive in what can often be seen as a male-dominated field. But that wasn’t the case for these two dynamite women, Tamara Keller and kara Sax.

Believing in something is one thing, but actually taking action behind your beliefs is in and of itself an entirely different thing.

Upon coming together over a decade agin get jew that get were destined to do great things together, not just as good friends, but also as business partners. Kara and Tamara are certified minority business owners of a marketing and consulting firm based out of Los Angeles, The Sax Agency. They work with nonprofits, startup companies, and companies that have been in business for awhile – whether they are Fortune 100, Fortune 500, or in the entertainment sector just to name a few. Some of their clients include the Golden State Warriors, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Follow the Lita, Amber Rose, Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation, and many more. Chatting with these ladies was ah-mazing.


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