We love a good deed, don’t you?

Just recently, we learned that Diddy had cancelled his annual New Year’s Eve party due to the current pandemic.

Instead of throwing his bash, he chose to give back to the community in Miami, Florida! Recently, an event was held at House Of Wings where Diddy and members of his team handed out gift cards, fash, and essentials to families in need in Overton.

Page Six has also reported that The Sean Combs Foundation is giving a grant to a local organization. The grant will help 175 families pay their rent during this time of the pandemic.

The Foundation is reportedly partnering with Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success – a volunteer organization who’s mission is to provide the youth with a healthy enviornment to learn life skills.

That’s not all, the Foundation is said to be working with Michael Gardner, Headliner Market Group, and Miami Dade County Commissioner Keon Hardemon to make this project come to life!