Candace Holyfield-Parker affectionately known as The Six Figure Spa Chick hosted her 1st SPA TANK premiere on June 21st, 2023 at Silverspot Cinema in Atlanta, followed by the upcoming world YouTube premiere, officially set for July 3, 2023.

The Silverspot Cinema event featured a private viewing of the 1st episode/hour of her web series, along with a Q&A panel with her cast and crew! Followed by endearing remarks from her production team and PR agency in light of their support, we enjoyed complimentary popcorn and soft drinks as a part of the experience. 

This all-new web series was created as a compliment to the concept behind world-known investment show, Shark Tank, to provide an opportunity for beauty and spa professionals to pitch their businesses and/or ideas for possible investments from elite Beauty & Spa Entrepreneurs across the industry.

For years, Candace Holyfield-Parker has worked to not only unite and propel the Black and brown Spa community through her international Spa Boss Tribe™️, but also to shift the trajectory of the industry with leading marketing strategies, career advancement moves such as the bedside nurse to CEO journey, and game-changing standards such as 30K-100K days; yes, DAYS! 

Candace is known for her top-tier leadership skills and powerhouse mindset to do the hard things, facilitate new resources and build a lasting community for business owners in medical, beauty, massage therapy and esthetics. — She is known for her 1-of-a-kind teaching styles that captivate and ignite momentum within her students. She has demonstrated a phenomenal level of consistency within her self-made arena and the premiere of Spa Tank has only enhanced her reach and propelled her farther into her success journey.

With talks of already making progress in the TV and Film industry, based on her works with creating Spa Tank, we are anticipating seeing more of Candace on the big screen. 

Candace has made it widely known that she shows up at this level of excellence on behalf of her true love and passion for the industry, as well as her dedication and commitment to her family and the legacy she will leave behind one day for her children. 

Seen here, she is posed on the red carpet with her proud and supportive husband in celebration of this most recent accomplishment. 

We’re excited to tap in on July 3rd via YouTube at “Six Figure Spa Chick” – Subscribe Now to get locked in on the release of each new episode. 

Photo credits: Dope Shots Photography