One cannot be a professional writer without the name Lesley Logan echoing in their studies. The multi-talented leader in PR and expert writer has had a number of articles under her belt. Aside from her company, Upscale PR, she has been featured as an author on published articles in, Contrast Magazine, Black Enterprise, and more! She has taken on written pieces related to celebrities such as Kate Stewart, Yuna, Imani Hakim, Columbus Short, Montana Tucker, and even a member of the former White House staff, Dr. Sheryll Cashin. Logan has made an impact on the literary world that is only growing by the day.

Lesley experiences life as a devout Christian; her faith intertwining with her sense of self. She feels her faith has led her on this path and has proven to be the guiding light for all entrepreneurial decisions. Though Jehovah God comes before all for the publicist, she credits her natural drive to be enhanced by her mother. She was taught growing up that hard work is what would get her to her maximum potential. Of course, being a strong-willed child, she saw no other future for herself but one at the top of her field.

She dove into writing after needing a new outlet that would give her a slight break from her successful career as public relations agent. There, she found that with practice, she not only got better at writing but developed an intense love for it as well. Her first major assignment was on 90s pop sensation, Jon B, courtesy of Contrast publisher, Michael Monroe. She lists Michael as someone she has grown to have a plethora of respect and admiration for. To date, Lesley lists one of her favorite pieces as an article she wrote on Latin artist and producer, International Nova.

“Taking a break always helps and then picking up where you left off. You might come back with new ideas for your piece.” – Lesley Logan

No stranger to writer’s block, Lesley would advise all writers whether budding or veterans to listen to music or take a quick break to gain a reset and new perspective. Whatever someone chooses to do, they should never give up or limit themselves. Logan is an expert at breaking boundaries for herself and she’s looking forward to breaking even more! Lesley is currently working on two novels that will address her experiences in the PR industry and her life’s journey in general. As the motivated woman she is, she is hoping that in the coming year, she will get to interview stars such as Common, Kyla Pratt, and ‘Charlie’s Angels’ actress, Drew Barrymore. The publicist and writer can be found on IG @lesleylogan.pens, Twitter @lesleylogan.pens.


Photos courtesy of Lesley Logan