The acclaimed theatrical play “Can A Woman Raise A Man?”  will hit theaters, streaming live, on DFTV Sports @ QALLENGLOBAL.COM starting Saturday, April 22 and Sunday, April 23, opening at the Harker Heights Events Center in Harker Heights, TX.  Written by Q. Allen King, from the book adaptation, and directed by award winner, Tymika Chambliss-Williams, the stage production features powerful performances by a stellar cast of actors that include Karen Clark-Sheard, Marva King, Tony Terry, Kierra Sheard-Kelly, Robert Curry, Tiffany Andrew, Jokia Williams, and more, that focuses on single mothers and fatherhood. “Can A Woman Raise A Man?” will also hit theater stages in Houston, TX (5/13 & 5/14) and Little Rock, AR (6/24), with additional dates to be added.

“There are so many challenges that come with raising a son as a single mother,” expresses Q. Allen. “I wanted to create a piece that delves into the many obstacles that mothers face in society, our culture and in our community, while also celebrating the resilience and strength of mothers everywhere,” adds Q. “You can turn pain into purpose!”

The stage play highlights the journey of a single mother, Samone (gospel star and actress,

Kierra “Kiki” Sheard) raising her young son in the absence of a father as he ventures out into a world where expectations of what defines a man are constantly shifting. As her son grows up and faces life challenges, she must navigate the difficult terrain of guiding him toward a healthy understanding of his manhood and his place in society by integrating faith, family, and fire, in pursuit of the answer to the question “Can A Woman Raise A Man?”.

“Can A Woman Raise A Man?” tackles modern day issues such as toxic masculinity, an absentee father’s emotional impact on a child’s upbringing, and motherhood’s power. The play seeks to defy traditional notions of gender roles and promote a deeper understanding of the role that mothers play in shaping the development of their sons. It promises to be a thought-provoking experience that explores the complex relationship between motherhood, masculinity, and society.

The play and playwright, Q. Allen, currently reside in the Walker Museum of African American History as the first all-black writer and cast with residency on the Las Vegas strip.

Join this theatrical journey for the answer to the question, “Can A Woman Raise A Man?” and discover why she should never have to!

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The feature track for “Can A Woman Raise A Man?” featuring Q. Allen & Robert Curry, Day 26 Bad Boy, is available on Q Allen, and digital music platforms.


“Can A Woman Raise A Man?” | Promo Video


“Can A Woman Raise A Man?” | Promo Track



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Please contact: Juanita Stephens-JS Media Relations



Inducted into The Walker Museum of African American History

Play Of The Year Best Actor & Supporting Actress

Featured on ABC’s “Good Morning Washington”

Appeared on Black Broadway Washington D.C

Legendary Paradise Entertainment Center (Home to the Great BB King)

Featured at West Angeles Theater (The largest African American Domination in the World)

The “Can A Woman Raise a Man?” book enjoyed by hearts and minds the world over


ABOUT Q. ALLEN KING| | From Homeless to Hopeful

Writer / Director

This vision of men, life, and family restored is taking off and soon to touch America. Author, playwright, philanthropist, and director, Q. Allen King’s passion is to motivate, create and inspire people to be their very best. The book and play, “Can A Woman Raise A Man?” uses powerful truth and personal experience to navigate successfully through the difficult and often dark territory of family and personal discovery. After losing it all in a divorce and in life, Q. Allen located to Las Vegas. He was homeless, hungry, cold, and sleeping under a tree when he started journaling. “I felt this urgency to write down my thoughts and feelings during a really dark time in my life and the book “Can A Woman Raise A Man?” (@Amazon) came from my feelings.” Q. Allen realized he had some inner issues and one of them was growing up without a father. “As wonderful as my mother was, I knew I needed the other half to complete my story. I went through a personal journey and confronted my issues to turn my pain into purpose in order to deal with my problems of growing up without a father.” The book, which mirrors his life, was adapted into a script and is now a stage play. He is also the Founder of The A.R.K. Foundation that serve to lead and empower the community.  For more information follow



Kierra “Kiki” Sheard-Kelly | Grammy Award Winner

Stars as Samone

The Eldest daughter of Bishop Michael Cedar, slightly embittered but constantly trying to better.


Karen Clark- Sheard | Grammy Award Winner

Stars as Aunt Cora

The Seasoned Sage of the family, always there to lend a helping hand. Aunt Cora uses her faith and wisdom to keep the family grounded.


Marva King | R&B Soul Music Award Winner

Stars as Aunt Tee

Sassy and classy and ready to tell it like it is. She is convinced that men are not needed to raise solid strong children.


Tony Terry | R&B Legend

 Stars as Bishop Michael Cedar

The troubled yet triumphant Father of the Cedar Girls. He has come out of Prison to turn his life around and is on an eternal quest to become the father he never had.


Jokia Williams | Billboard Gospel Chart-Topping Artist

She stars as one of the Sassy Cedar sisters next to Ms. Kiki Sheard. Never scared to speak her mind, driven and determined!


Tiffany Andrew | BET “Sunday Best” Finalist

Stars as Kendra Aikins

Pregnant and alone, but a faithful member of the community and church, she finds her voice through the crucible of single parenting.


Robert Curry | Recording Artist, Sean “P Diddy Combs” Badboy Making the Band Day 26

The passionate former “playa” trying hard to get it right and be a part of his sons’ life.