Leaving to what should not have to be explained, up and coming singer/songwriter K. Summerlynn discovers her love talent through previous and current experiences giving voices for the girls regarding self-worth and relationships. While having a mother who toured around the world, Summerlynn found her sound of encouragement by being self-taught when it comes to playing instruments and creating her lyrics early on. She had an infatuation with understanding “the story behind the song.” Summerlynn introduces herself within each track. Her first single named “Had To” is viewed as relatable based on what women go through in today’s generational pool of dating. Specifically on how difficult it can be to move on for the better.

By becoming more in-depth, Summerlynn expresses how “Had To” was chosen by making it a pinpoint because of the song’s meaning and engaging listeners for what is in store for awaiting EP, Me + my homegirls. Secluding only five songs that tell a story of what it’s like living in today’s modern society and the many things women consume when going through different stages in life. Looking back on what helped her evolve for her love for music, Summerlynn remains in a humbling space that has guided her to many opportunities that soon come her way.

Relaying a final message toward her EP, “The message would be that this is kind of the starting point for me, so I’m coming with what I guess everybody can take something from, and I just hope to be able to continue to do that and to keep growing, and I hope that everyone enjoys my music and I hope that there is some type of reflection, healing, that can come from it.”

The EP releases Thursday, February 10th.