I know you have heard before that anything worth having, you will have to work for it. Work early and play later.

We start life and at an early age, we see our lives being fairytales and dreams, which I now call wishful thinking. We have these when I grow up speeches. I remember growing up, I always had a love for cars. We would pass a car and at the tender age of 3 I would say oooh that’s going to be my car. My love for cars grew to where by the time I was 7 I could name every car on the road. There are so many different cars on the road now that it’s hard to keep up. But anyway, we would say I’m going to be a doctor. I’m going to be a lawyer. I’m going to be a nurse. I’m going to be a police officer, or a fireman, or even a preacher. We never imagined our life being any other way.

As we grew older, we realized that life was not a fairytale. We begin to hit some bumps in the road, we begin to run into some potholes and then boom, we are ready to throw our whole life away.

It is a known fact that the flesh does not like pain. We don’t like to go through any test and trials. We would like for everyday to be like Sunday. I’ve read before that God gives His biggest battle to His strongest soldier.

We have test and trials for experience.  A lot of times we take it personal. We take it as an all out attack on me, me, me. In actuality, everything we go through paves the way to help someone else. If we always throw in the towel, we never fully experience victory. So you must go through to share your testimony and share your story! Let others know that the struggle paved the way.

Don’t marvel so much at the glamour that you see on someone else and want so much to be like them. You don’t know the cost. Their struggle paved the way.