Or should we say the ‘suite’ life. SHEEN Magazine explores the adventurous life of a sugar baby. Is this a toxic relationship or the perfect set up for stability?

The internet has a plethora of apps, websites, and advice columns all based on finding your perfect match in the world of “sugar dating.” Whether you have the desire to be a sugar baby or the sugar provider (mama or daddy), it’s all at your fingertips. According to sexologist and board-certified Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Rachael, “I really do think it has to do with a lot of social movements we’ve seen and as a result of it, we’ve spun women empowerment to include the way you’re capitalizing on your body and how you look, but that’s something we’ve all done for centuries. It’s the quickest way to pay your bills and it’s what we’ve been doing (laughs).


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