Mixins Rolled Ice Cream Celebrates 5 Years of Success and a brand new location.

[ATLANTA, GA] In small towns and big cities, we’re always pushed to follow your dreams “whichever way the wind blows” or in this case “whichever way the spoon stirs.” However, for all around girl boss and CEO of MIXINS rolled Ice Cream, Trishonna Helms; she has, tested, tasted, and indulged in the sweet rewards of hard work and dedication.

The Sheen Magazine team was on site as MIXINS & its fabulous CEO celebrated 5 years of sweet treats and even sweeter success with the opening of a brand new location. Our team was excited to attend this past Tuesday as Trishonna and her team opened the doors to a brand new dream come true. Nestled in a historical neighborhood near the heart of Atlanta, the new location offers a fun and lively ambiance with a cool and sophisticated vibe as the shop transitions from day to night. Boasting a delicious homemade ice cream recipe with an infinite number of flavors and pairings, MIXINS has served as an example of a woman’s strength and resilience along with the people and places that support their dreams.

Guests attended the 5 year anniversary celebration and new location with Trishonna, her team and the amazing MIXINS staff. The brand new menu included one of a kind flavor combinations like Pound Town, The Lime Light, and Georgia Peach; each with the perfect balance of texture, flavor, and fresh ingredients. When trying to narrow down our options, we asked the bosslady her favorite MIXINS combo.

“It’s so hard to choose just one, they’re all so different and so good!

Hershey Pie is something we just kinda came up with and people love it, I’ve never been a Butter Pecan fan, but OURS is so good..but the customer favorite has to be, Strawberry Shortcake. It’s definitely a staple flavor.”

She was absolutely right! The unique showmanship when crafting these one of a kind sweet treats is amazing! But nothing beats the flavor! As guests sampled new flavors, and other treats on the menu, we caught up for an exclusive 1 on 1 with Trishonna.

Trishonna’s journey to MIXINS begins in 2017 with a trip to California and a passion for business and yearning for something new! She set one foot in front of the other as she embarked on the journey of a lifetime, leaving her impression every step of the way.

A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Trishonna and the entire MIXINS team have created a landmark for young entrepreneurs to witness both innovation and fearlessness. After bringing her creative concept back to her hometown, She secured funding for her first Mixins rolled ice cream location through sheer determination and grit, propelling the shop to achieve six figures in revenue within just 60 days. With a clear “gold mine” on her hands the signature criss-crossed spoons has become a familiar decal throughout the ice cream industry. Her journey from a novice with minimal resources to a successful business owner is filled with invaluable lessons that can empower others to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

“For me, coming from a small town like Ohmaha means way more when you have so many big people coming from your city. It means way more now, being a black woman owning her own space in Atlanta…This is proof you can come from a small town while having traditional values and do really big things.”

Trishonna’s visionary venture has allowed for her to champion multiple MIXINS locations including her home town of Omaha. After millions of social media impressions, and customers from around the globe, what started as a passionate endeavor has blossomed into a sweet sensation. On her own intuition and creativity, Trishonna transformed a love for a simple treat into an acclaimed establishment and herself into an unbreakable force in entrepreneurship that has left an indelible mark on the industry.

So, let the rolling continue, and let Mixins’ legacy of innovation and flavor continue to delight for years to come. Here’s to Trishonna Helms and her Mixins family – five years of sweet treats and an even sweeter legacy!


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Trishonna Helm & Mixins