ATL Swim Week 2024 presented by Clique Cabana was one of the books. The who’s who came out to play, and the swimwear designers came to slay. The event, held in the heart of Buckhead at the Westside Cultural Arts Center, was transferred onto a sleek runway surrounded by illustrious onlookers. Designers included B Club, Vasaro, H.O.N., Sonni Korelle, Mango Peach, Origin of Oceans, and so many more. As if fashions weren’t enough, the power duo from Netflix’s The Ultimatum, Roxanne and Antonio Mattei, made the perfect MC’s (congrats to them on their recent engagement). SHEEN Magazine not only had a front row seat for this delightfully sensual showcase, but we were able to catch up with some elite guests. Alix Lapri who stars as Effie in Ghost PowerBook, hit the red carpet and chatted with us about what she was looking forward to seeing on the runway and gave us a sneak peek at just what’s next for her.

SHEEN: Hey Guys, it’s Mo Clark checking in with SHEEN Magazine, checking in with Alix, the lovely lady from PowerBook. So how are you?

ALIX: I am perfect thank you for asking.

SHEEN: You look real good to be a little thug.

ALIX: You know I clean up a little nicely (lol).

SHEEN: So we are ATL Swim Week. So great to see you here. So what are you looking forward to seeing tonight?

ALIX: Oh my gosh. This is my first one. I am so excited to see everyone’s designs and bodies, too, for fitness. I am super into fitness. I always love a good bit of motivation. They are going to make me feel like I have to get some things together, and I am cool with that.

SHEEN: You make me feel like I have to get some things together. I still have baby fat. She is 22 but still. 

ALIX: (laughs).

SHEEN: So you know the big question. Powerbook. What season are we in now?

ALIX: This is 4th season the spinoff.

SHEEN: So let me ask you this. When it comes to portraying your character, how much do you actually like her in real life?

ALIX: Oh my gosh. I feel like we are nothing alike. But there are a couple that are the same. I am a sweetheart. I do have a hard exterior, but I am a big marshmallow on the inside. I feel like, in a sense, Effie has that too, but she is all about survival and that is where we differ a little bit.

SHEEN: How hard is it for you to actually get in character knowing the role that you portray, and you have to be like errrghh.

ALIX: Being in New York helps. It will bring something new out of you. Putting on the wardrobe and I feel like when I step out into those New York streets and I have my crew behind me, it’s up.

SHEEN: Do you think that ATL Swim Week is an event that Effie would attend?

ALIX: No. Maybe if it was in the Bronx, but she is not coming out to Swim Week (laughs).

Well, no matter where she is at, Alix Lapri (Effie) is always a lovely pleasure to see. We are super excited to see what’s next for her on Ghost Powerbook, and we cannot wait to catch her new looks, her new vibes, and let’s now forget the new trouble that we are almost certain she is going to get in.