Rita Green is the President of the Resource Hub Foundation that provides resources to the community, and the CEO of an Event Coordination Business (The Network Indy). Rita is a two time cancer survivor that was given a second chance at life. Not many people go to the point of sickness that she did and make it out. With the “re-do” of life that was handed to her, she chooses not to waste it, and to live everyday to the fullest.

Alongside her life of philanthropy. Rita has a 20 year history in the Music Industry as an event coordinator, marketing and promotions specialist, and artist manager. She has had  the opportunity to work with local, National, and International artists from all over the Country. Listen in as we get to know this Wonder Woman and learn how to show up in excellence; no matter what shoes you fill.

Introduce yourself to our reading audience.

I am Rita Green, Founder & President of The Resource Hub, a community engagement foundation focused on helping low income families. Founder & President of The Network Indy Corp., an event coordination company & artist building/management company focused on guiding careers of artists in the music industry and creating flawless events, effortlessly.

What made you want to go in to business?

I spent 15 years in the event coordination industry, 15 in the music industry and with marketing and promotions, and 20 years in Corporate America working as an Executive. Assisting others to build several businesses and Organizations and consulting them on how to be successful gave me a sense of accomplishment. After being responsible for others growing to a place where they were successful, happy, and without any financial struggle, it was overdue for me to do the same. I never aspired to be a business owner, but the demand for my services grew to a point where I was unable to work for someone else and accomplish my own goals and dreams. Using the same application, I started to apply the tools and use them for myself and haven’t looked back.

You’re not the only one doing what you do. Why should people work with you?

There will always be many others who do what you do. It’s easy for some to use that as an excuse on why they shouldn’t start their business. The truth is what you contribute to your line of work, no one else can because there’s only one you. You still have an obligation to fulfill your purpose regardless of what everyone else does. There are some who will support your business and others that won’t. The reach must be to those that will. My focus is on creating opportunities for people to achieve their greatest potential, and experience their best by guiding them on how to execute their goals, dreams, and business plans.

What motto do you live by?

“Live life to the fullest”  Don’t be afraid to die, be afraid not to live.

Being a two time cancer survivor that was given three months to live, with no expectation to survive, the fear to not live is far greater than it is to die.

What is your favorite quote?

I don’t have a favorite quote. There are far too many situations that life presents you to be able to encompass into one quote. Every day presents an opportunity for different wisdom or quotes to be applied.

How can people connect with you?

Facebook: Rita Green

Facebook: The Network Indy

Instagram: @Nikki_Snow


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