Britney Baker is a vibrant and driven 31-year-old inspirational mentor, pastor, motivational speaker and businesswoman. She is a current resident of Jacksonville, FL, but she is setting an example for women all around the world. Britney has been a public speaker 11 years’, workshop facilitator, seminar teacher and personal mentor. She is also the CEO of a thriving premium fragrance company called L’arome Factory. Inc. Check out this amazing interview with the phenomenal Britney!

Please introduce yourself to our reading audience.

Hello! My name is Britney Baker. I am the CEO of L’arome Factory, Inc (Est. 2016). which produces a line of NICHE/premium fragrances and more scented products. I am also a preacher, mentor and public speaker. I am a complete enthusiast and creative. I love empowering and impacting people lives using the gifts God has given me! 

What made you want to go into business?

Both of my parents were Entrepreneurs all of my life. They established lucrative businesses. So, I already came from a house of business owners. In high school while everyone was enjoying football games, I would be home on my desktop computer looking up wholesale items and trying to figure out how to start a business. So, for me it became a natural pursuit from childhood. It was a matter of starting a business I was truly passionate about.      

You’re not the only one doing what you do. Why should people work with you/buy from you?

The fragrance industry can be a hard industry to launch a successful brand in. Especially, with so many excellent high-end brands out there. What they don’t and probably never will tell you is the amount of toxic chemicals they add to replace the actual fragrance oils so they can produce mass amounts to sale in major retail chains. It’s inexpensive for them but can be hazardous to the consumers health. The great thing about my fragrance line/products it is natural essential oils with the high-end aroma.

What should people expect from you in the first quarter of 2020?

I am scheduled for speaking engagements (business and ministry), so they can follow me on social media for those cities and dates. I am set to release my book “10 keys to start a business with NOTHING!” and I may have another surprise business venture outside of my fragrance company.

What motto do you live by?


What is your favorite quote?

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs –

How can people connect with you?

Visit the official websites for Larome Factory and Britney Creative Coach. Follow Britney Creative Coach on Instagram & Facebook. Stay connected with Larome Factory on Instagram.



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