Min. Traycee Gales is a celebrity, faith and entertainment journalist who is the creator and executive producer of Gospel Access. She specializes in gleaning success strategies from those at the top of their game in various fields in order to help people determine their life’s purpose. Her interviewing skills have helped her land interviews with Academy Award nominees, Grammy Award winners, local pastors and successful business owners who all open up to her in order to share empowering advice to help others step up and into their greatness.

Min. Gales’ heart’s desire is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by helping others realize their God-given potential and destiny. “My Purpose is to lead others to their calling. It’s a tremendous gift to help others discover who they are.”

Please introduce yourself to our audience.

I’m a minister of the Gospel who is also a faith, celebrity, and entertainment journalist. I interview today’s newsmakers and influencers and bring to you their testimonies as to what they have experienced in their life’s journey.   I’ve been blessed to be able to land interviews with Academy Award nominees, Grammy Award winners, successful business owners, and pastors who all open up and share empowering advice to help others step up and into their greatness. I am a person that gets excited when I have an opportunity to help people realize their God-given potential and destiny and I consider it a gift to help others discover who they are.

What made you want to go into business.

With so much negativity and hate going on in the world right now I saw a void for good, purpose-driven entertainment. I went into this business because I wanted to create a place where a person could have access to transparent dialogue and would be able to hear what the ultra-successful encountered on their journey to access their personal greatness.

I’ve always had a passion to hear the stories of how successful people became successful and I’ve turned that into the business– Gospel Access.

You’re not the only one doing what you do. Why should people work with you?

You’re absolutely right! I am definitely not the only one out here interviewing folks. I do believe; however, that Gospel Access is in a lane all by itself due to our mission and reason why we exist.   Our mission is simple-we want others to be inspired by the interviews that they see and motivated by the testimonies that they hear to the point that they do something with what God has placed in their hands. As a person watches the interviews showcased you will be able to plainly see how God blesses people. Our business is about the business of encouraging folks to step up and into their own personal greatness.

What should people expect from you in the first quarter of 2020?

I’m currently working on a book project along with furthering the Gospel Access brand.   I’ve got some really exciting interviews lined up that are chock full of wisdom nuggets that are going to help others get to the next level in their lives.

What motto do you live by?

The motto or phrase that I live by is this—‘You will Never Possess What You are Not Willing to Pursue’ meaning that a person may want many things in life but they run the risk of never seeing them realized if they don’t go after or pursue what they want.

How can people stay connected with you?

I’d love to stay connected with you! You can connect with me at the following locations:

Gospel Access website, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.




All images by Gales Photography