Contrary to popular belief, there is more to influencers than just aesthetically pleasing social media feeds and pretty faces. They are people who have passions, hobbies, and fascinating life stories. Although seeing their selfies and photos in their underwear may make you feel like you know everything about them, there is more than meets the eye. And SisterKristy is the perfect example of this.

Influencer and self-made model, SisterKristy describes herself as a good Christian woman who has built an online emporium out of her sexy, provocative, and tasteful underwear selfies. One simple look at her Instagram account will show you 246 photos posted over the last 10 years. From the beginning, she has proudly shown off her figure, but over time the quality of her images has gotten better. She takes the photos herself, prepares the lighting, and edits them to give her followers what they want.

SisterKristy has built a loyal following on different social media platforms throughout the years, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch — yes, she is also a gamer. Her content lets them into her life up to a certain point. Not many know what goes on behind the camera, and they would be surprised to know SisterKristy is a cat foster mom.

During her childhood, SisterKristy had many cats who made an impact on her life. However, the most impactful cat interaction she ever had was with her cat Pin. She adopted him at the age of 16 and shared her life with him until January 2021, when he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. “Pin was my very best friend. He was always there for me, was there for my first heartbreak, was there for my graduation, moved into my first apartment with me, all the big firsts in a teenager’s life.” He marked a before and after in her life.

Her love for cats did not die with Pin as SisterKristy realized there were plenty of cats to give a good life to, and that is how she became involved in cat fostering. When she was food shopping for her furbaby, Leo, she came across two kittens in a kennel who were looking for their forever home. She soon found out the kittens were from a shelter called Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) and did her research to volunteer with them.

According to SisterKristy, “AARCS is an Alberta organization in Calgary and Edmonton. They’ve been amazing to volunteer with, and they really do care about any animal that comes into their care, whether it be a dog, a cat, a bunny, or a hedgehog.” Although the shelter is excellent and fostering is a fantastic option, there are some sad parts to it as well.

SisterKristy is extremely passionate about fostering cats. She loves giving them a temporary home, cuddling them, playing with them, and giving Leo a fur sibling for a few weeks. However, the most challenging part comes when you have to say goodbye to your adoptive pet. How does she handle it? “I have to tell myself they are going to a good home, and that cat will be someone else’s Pin to help them through good times and bad times.” And there even are times when a foster cat becomes your forever cat. SisterKristy ended up adopting Scrim, her most recent foster.

Many may know SisterKristy from social media as the pretty girl with a smoking body who posts photos online and plays games live. She may come off as another influencer in the long list, but that is not the case. SisterKristy is a woman who cares about others and has been doing amazing work fostering cats. Her story goes to show there is so much more behind your iPhone’s camera and your Instagram feed.



All images courtesy of SisterKristy