It may still be the fall season, but when it comes to jewelry and accessorizing, it’s always best to know what jewelry trends will skyrocket before prices shoot up, and these precious little gems become hard to come by.

While most people are probably working from home, it’s not an excuse to become sloppy. A chunky gold chain can quickly perk up your look even if you are in denim jeans and a tank top.

This winter is all about cute and bold statement pieces. Let’s dive in:

Chains, Chains, Chains

Chains are literally everywhere, and it is highly unlikely that the clamor for these statement pieces will die down any time soon. In fact, the demand will even be higher this winter, as many may choose to go all out for their home parties. Whether it’s chain earrings, chain bracelets, or chain necklaces, you can never go wrong by investing in these pieces.

Florals are Back

Who says you can’t have flowers during the winter? Blooms will be everywhere this winter, and you’ll surely feel warm even when temperatures are freezing. Choose from sculptural floral earrings to dainty petal pendants.

Sustainable Diamonds Are In

Sustainability will remain big this winter, and the jewelry and accessories industry is not one to be left behind. Gone are the days when people would spend money on diamond wedding and engagement rings. Even celebrities are setting the trend in regards to sustainable jewelry. Remember when Steve Kazee presented his now-fiancee Jenna Dewan with an ethically sourced ring? Well, you can cop that style from numerous Chicago Jewelers.

Neo-Parisian Jewelry is Making a Comeback

You can’t go wrong with gold and pearls, which are staples of the neo-Parisian movement’s glorious years. Imagine wearing them with a daring air or with subtle elegance. No matter how you want to stylize it, it is going to change the runway this winter. Even big-name brands like Christian Dior and Givenchy are taking on this trend. If you’ve got some pieces from your mom’s jewelry box, it is time to clean them and bring them out.

Punk is Rock Again

We’ve seen the runways, and most of them have debuted androgynous, punk rock accessories that come with boxy shapes and loud prints that echo the rebellious year of the 1970s. Expect chokers and piercings to dominate the winter season.

Homage to Celestial Bodies

Stars, moons, and comets—you’ll see most of these celestial bodies creatively interpreted in various jewelry pieces, with each one as stunning and captivating as the next. Shooting star pendant? Check. Studded moon stud earrings? In the bag. Comet charm bracelet? Copped. All of these interpretations will be huge this winter.

Single Earring

If you see many models only wearing a single earring on the runway, it is not because they forgot to wear the other one. This is the latest jewelry style that is dominating the runways. It gives a sense of modern rock and individuality.

Many of these winter jewelry trends are comebacks from previous years. The lesson here is that it pays to keep older pieces of jewelry, as they can actually become trendy again. Who knows, some of the pieces you’ve inherited from your dear grandmother may just be among these stylish items that you can wear this winter. You may even become the influencer who will start the trend.