Have you ever looked up at the clouds and then go off into a daze about what you want your life to be?
 When was the last time you heard the Lord speak while watching the swaying of the trees?
 What about watching a movie and getting a message about life from it?
God is so creative and colorful. We have the oceans and seas created by God. Have you ever just watched the waves and thought to yourself what if I just ride the waves? How far out would it take me?
 Most of the time our eyes are set on man-made things instead of taking a few moments to enjoy God’s creation. We become so bogged down with how society categorizes us if we don’t have certain things.
We carry burdens because of this that we were not designed to carry (read Matt11:29-30).
 Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, take what you have and be grateful. Be appreciative of every opportunity of every new day. Enjoy life! Take time and just breathe! Blessings