If you follow celebrity trends you might have noticed quite a few of your favs, from Lori Harvey and Tiffany Haddish to Kourtney Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon, have decided to bring in the new year and new weather with a new look—a sleek, edgy bob.

The man behind the big chop for several of these stars is celebrity hairstylist, Ray Christopher. Hairstylist to Lori, Adrienne and Tiffany, Christopher has given each of them unique, but equally head-turning, cuts that has us, girls running to the salon, pictures in hand. 

See Adrienne’s transformation from shoulder to chin-length perfection, below:

Since being blessed by Christopher’s golden hands, the stars have been playing with color and textures—showing us that the cut can be diversified with waves, curls and even a little length.

Christopher shared some tips on how to achieve the above look on his Instagram saying, “we literally washed her hair, let it sit dry and used a little curl defining foam just to tame the strays.”


Ray shared on his Instagram that some styles were achieved by using clip-ins from his upcoming line, but until we can get our hands on those, a bit of dry shampoo, a trip to Sally’s or our local beauty supply store can give us the fullness we desire. Are you about that bob life or are you going to commit to the length you have now? Let us know in the comments, below!


Instagram & TikTok: @hair4kicks

Photo Credits: Ray Christopher