With all of the love that I’ve had for everything-lash-related over the years, I’ve never gotten into the professional lash extension craze. Where the mascaras and DIY extensions are, that’s where you’ll find me. And it’s been almost a decade of applying my own extensions every now and then to have lengthy lashes, while saving time and money on upkeep. That said, I was very excited when I learned that the Velour-Xtensions™ would be joining Velour Beauty‘s lineup alongside the beloved Effortless, Vegan Luxe, Plant Fibre, and Magnetic collections. The trusted lash brand has been one of my personal favorites, and with their newest addition I couldn’t wait to see how their lash extensions measured up.

While DIY lash extensions aren’t new, Velour’s take on at-home, long-wear individual falsies naturally sparked my curiosity. With hybrid lifestyles and fads to simply enhance our natural beauty, extensions make all the difference in helping volumize and dramatize our lashes without looking overdone.The brand’s patent-pending, salon-grade cluster lash design tells us that Velour isn’t giving up their spot as a leader in the lash business, creating innovative ways to give us our most beautiful lashes. 

So, I gave the Velour-Xtensions a try, and the experience did not disappoint. The new collection includes ClassicHybrid, and Volume styles that are all customizable to different eye shapes, made with premium Vegan fibers, and are cruelty-free. Each set comes with three varying cluster lengths to create a look that fits your desired aesthetic.

The Hybrid lash clusters were my go-to pick this first time around, and as expected, they gave my eyes a fluffy lift in just minutes. I have almond eyes, and I wanted to go for a winged look to give my stare a bit more of an upward shape. For a flared, cat-eye shape, Velour recommends using incrementally longer clusters (10mm, 12mm, 14mm), or the same length clusters for a natural, round shape (12mm, 12mm, 12mm). I used four clusters on both eyes for an accentuated lash look, and placed them under my real lashes, working my way from the inside of my eyes to the outer corners.

Here, you can see the results:

Be careful—you might forget that you have these lashes on! Velour’s lightweight lash clusters are both comfortable and durable, with a “barely there” lash band. I was able to get five full days out of the Xtensions, before needing to reapply a couple of clusters. And what I love particularly about Velour’s recent launch is the Multi-Day Lash Bond. If lash glue typically leaves your eyes looking red or feeling irritated, like mine, you’ll be very pleased with Velour’s lash extension adhesive. It’s certified dermatologist tested, latex-free, and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes like other lash adhesives have done in the past.

No seal needed! This strong yet gentle adhesive allows for lengthy wears and when used, the clusters stay put, even when removing top-lid eye makeup and waking up from deep-sleep nights. Plus, the mess-free spoolie applicator provides a quick, smooth, and non-intrusive lash application while the adhesive dries clear, blending perfectly with your natural lashes.

For a minimal-hassle, subtle to glamorous lash alternative, Velour-Xtensions are worth a try for both multi-day and single-day (with Velour’s Lash Adhesive) wears. The collection also includes a Velour-Xtensions™ Kit, which is an excellent option for beginners, and comes with everything that you need to start your at-home extensions journey. The Kit comes with a set of Hybrid Lash Clusters, a mini, poke-free Too Real Lash Extension Tool, and a mini Multi-Day Lash Bond.

Channel your inner lash tech, and let me know your thoughts! Be sure to clean your lashes entirely, wait 24 hours before exposing the extensions to water, and read Velour’s application tips for a set that will last!

To shop the Velour-Xtensions™ or to learn more about Velour Beauty, visit!