Staying motivated can be hard. Sure the first fews days in the New Year we feel as motivated as ever but keeping that energy all 12 months of the year can be difficult. Starting fresh is always a great feeling but let’s make sure we keep that motivation going and stay focused! How you may ask? Easy, apps. Yes apps! We selected four apps that are out there in the tech world that will help you stick to all your goals and help you get the job done.

photo obtained from the official iWish website


This free app is made for all of you that can’t stop, won’t stop freaming! It’s a virtual vision board and it couldn’t be more cool. In addition to allowing you to create a list of goals, you can also track your progress on all your list to to-dos.

photo obtained from Apple

Motivation – Daily Quotes

If you love little pick me ups then this app is right up your alley. It will send you a motivational quote every single day according to which categories you select. In addition, you can browse through the library of quotes, find book recommendations, and set motivational reminders to be sent throughout your day. How cool!

photo obtained from Apple

SelfishBabe, Free or $5.99 a month for premium plan

Self-love is that you? Why yes it is, this year it’s all about taking the time to love yourself. This app will give you access to the SelfishBabe blog, YouTube channel, and SelfishTalk (a podcast by founder Olanikee Osi). The application will send you daily affirmations and reminders. You can also gain access to the app’s self-lovevideo course where they reccommend podcasts, books, and motivational videos.

photo obtained from Apple

The Fabulous, $9.99 a month or $95.99 a year

Be the best version of yourself with this app created by Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab. It was developed to help you get positive habits going in your lifestyle. The app will guide you through different strategies including fitness programs, mediation sessions, and even power naps to get you in the right mood!