It’s no secret that millennial black women are not shy about stepping into the beauty arena and creating the products and services they want to see. A generation of movers and shakers, these women are not bossy, but –the bosses! From hair to skin, here are some of this generation’s top beauty entrepreneurs who got next!

photo obtained from the official COIL Beauty website

Aisha Shannon – Bates, COIL Beauty Founder

Aisha Shannon – Bates, Founder of online beauty company COIL Beauty is a rising beauty boss in her own right. After becoming frustrated with her shopping experience at major retail stores for lacking adequate products and information about beauty products for her and other women of color, she took matters into her own hands. Bates decided to create an online community and marketplace that carries products for women of color with brands that are owned by people of color too. COIL Beauty serves as a welcoming space for women of color, offering product information, suggestions and help for customers in need. From nail polish to moisturizers, CB is dedicated to carrying all the products women of color love, such as Camille Rose, Lime Green, The Lip Bar and more with a serious vibe that cannot be denied!

photo obtained from the official website of Jaleesa Charisse

Jaleesa Charisse, Beauty Influencer & Content Creator

Jaleesa Charisse is a Dallas-based beauty lifestyle influencer. The graduate of the University of North Texas has worked with some of the beauty industry’s heavy hitters, such as Target, Sally Beauty, Clinique and others to develop strategic content across a multitude of digital platforms. Her wealth of knowledge of social media engagement is a combined with her growing social media presence is the driving force behind some of Camille Rose’s largest influecer campaigns as she serves as the Social Media and infleuncer Campaign Manager. With a knack for all that is beauty, she has earned her a loyal fan base of readers, followers and subscribers who look to her for new and interesting insights all things hair, skin and lifestyle, including home decor and travel.

photo obtained from the official Bloom Elements website

Nastasha Burrell-Owner and Founder of Bloom Elements

With 18 years of experience as a professional hair stylist, Nastasha Burrell has gained a wealth of knowledge about restoring and growing hair. The hair guru created Bloom Elements –a company that provides natural salon – quality restoration hair care products to help those who want to achieve longer, healthier hair. After noticing a growing need from consumers who wanted both natural ingredients and grade A salon care quality for their hair needs, she answered the call with an intense collection of products are vegan and paraben-free.

photo obtained from the official Like Me, Natural Skincare website

DeJan Toney, Owner and CEO of Like Me, Natural Skincare

While deployed in the Middle East while in the army, Like Me, Natural Skincare Owner and CEO DeJan Toney developed severe dry skin. Unsure of how to treat her skin, she used traditional products, but noticed her skin worsened due to harmful chemicals and alcohols that only induced dryness. Realizing many other soldiers were also complaining of similar issues, she researched and developed a natural skincare line of body scrubs and butters that would treat an array of skin types. According to the company’s website, hundreds of people have reported results of skin improvement after using the brand’s products.

photo obtained from Grace Eleyae’s official website

Grace Eleyae,

Naturalistas let out a collective sigh of relief when Grace Eleyae created a head cap to protect the delicate and precious curly strands of black hair. Dedicated to providing stylish yet functional fashionable items for black women, Eleyae’s collection includes satin pillowcases, satin scrunchies, satin-lined baseball caps and more. According to the company’s website, the brand all began from a bumpy ride in Kenya that left Eleyae’s hair broken and brittle. After creating a the first prototype of her signature Satin-Lined Cap (Slap)—the rest is history.

photo obtained from the official Sukie Candle Co. website

Sukie Jefferson, Sukie Candle Co.

In a driven society compelled to grind and hustle, one business owner is working to reverse that. Sukie Candle Co., Founder Sukie Jefferson provides eco-friendly, non-toxic and vegan candles that she hopes will encourage a millennial generation to learn to become more present, unplug from social media and decompress. According to the company’s website, the Spellman graduate’s interest in cultural anthropology and global health led her to down a path of a passion project to create and develop exotic and rich aromatic candles that promote peaceful and relaxing environments.

Featured Image obtained from Grace Eleyae’s official website