Gift shopping can be hard, especially if you’re dedicated to finding something meaningful that your recipient will actually use and enjoy. That’s why essentials from the clean, tattoo care brand Mad Rabbit is the way to go, with gifts showing your loved ones how much you truly care about them and their tatts!

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for the tattoo lover in your life, look no further. Whether you’re gifting a friend, family member, partner, or yourself, Mad Rabbit has practical and incredibly useful gifts for the ones on your list with tattooed skin. This holiday season, the brand is offering two kits that will make the perfect gifts:

Mad Rabbit’s Tattoo Lovers Kit ($59), contains five Mad Rabbit tattoo aftercare and daily tattoo skincare favorites in a limited edition neoprene toiletry bag. Cleanse with gentle and exfoliating bar soaps, repair new tattoos with soothing gel, moisturize with the universal body lotion, and enhance tattoos’ vibrancy with the portable tattoo balm stick.

For an even greater assortment of products, Mad Rabbit’s Everything Holiday Kit ($109) is an 8-piece limited edition set with literally everything needed for tattoo care. From soothing new ink to reviving current tattoos, this kit contains all of the essentials that Mad Rabbit currently offers for a full tattoo aftercare and daily skincare routine. Mad Rabbit also offers a Build Your Own Tattoo Aftercare Bundle, where you can handpick 2-3 products for a custom gift.

Suitable for all skin types and tattoo types, Mad Rabbit delivers high-quality and results-driven skincare designed to improve overall skin quality with an environmentally-conscious approach. Without any petrolatum-based ingredients nor mineral oils, the brand’s formulas instead focus on long-lasting, lightweight hydrators and anti-inflammatory soothers allowing the tattoos to heal, breathe, and shine. The nourishing plant oils and butters, as well as plant-derived ceramides, lock in hydration and prevent discoloration while restoring moisture to the skin, and don’t leave the skin feeling greasy. Mad Rabbit formulas are also gentle on sensitive skin, and can even be used on non-tattooed skin!

Christmas is almost here, so shop the deals fast! You can always gift after the holidays (like I do), and Mad Rabbit products make great presents for any occasion. To shop and learn more about Mad Rabbit, visit!